It’s not like career opportunities for venal, selfish misfits grow on trees.

I hope everyone is sitting down; another “bold” Republican governor and 2016 presidential hopeful has landed himself in (worse) legal trouble. Chris Christie? No, that’s every day. This time, it’s that hilariously corrupt and goofy automaton from Wisconsin, Scott Walker.

And now that you’re over the shock, it turns out Karl Rove was involved, because of course he was. You see, the wingnut judge and Walker crony who attempted to dismiss the case and, you know, also have all the evidence destroyed did so for a damned good reason; it isn’t a bit flattering, to put it mildly.

Not only did Walker’s campaign illegally coordinate with out of state bagmen like Rove and Club for Growth for their own recall fight, they coordinated with all of the 9 Senate Republicans facing recall. If the allegations are true, which seems, uh, likely, all the miscreants together could make up a pretty respectable chain gang.

This seems to be one of the few upsides to our two-tiered system of justice; once highest officials begin to operate as legally untouchable, their boundless creativity leads them to bigger and bigger schemes, often involving many flunkies with no such immunity. And when they start being frogmarched, the whole shebang collapses like the pyramid scheme it was all along.

Governance, as it is currently practiced by Republicans (and a disturbingly large coterie of Democrats), has become little more than a get rich quick opportunity for the otherwise unemployable, as the tawdry shenanigans of Republican outfits like the Walker “administration” have long made blindingly obvious.

While we just heard today that Turdblossom was in glorious bloom among the cow pies, several earlier Walker cronies have already been convicted of one thing or another, and more than a few current ones have been caught passing around bigoted, semi-literate emails, sometimes on their illegal secret router system, sometimes not. These people may have their charms, but intelligence is certainly not among them.

What, though, do you expect from a bunch of people under 50 who somehow grew up worshiping Reagan? It’s not as though career opportunities for such venal, selfish misfits grow on trees. But it is galling that without the government they claim to despise, they would be hard pressed to succeed in the discount retail industry.

The judge called the entire recall battle a “criminal scheme” when he released the 600-odd pages today. Scheming criminals everywhere should be rightfully offended.

Photo by JD_WMWM [cropped] under Creative Commons license