Three United States Senators honestly, actively, effectively challenging/informing on the watchers. The recent disclosures informing us that the spying has been directed at peaceful activists has got everyone concerned. These three Senators are our champions on this issue. Ron Wyden’s heroic efforts to try to inform us of this mass violation of our civil rights are epic(Video). Rand Paul has had the same, vocal, position on this issue under both Obama/Bush. That demonstrates earnest desire to end some of these Stasi like activities. I would rather be a part of  that effort, even if it fails, than anything the dems or repubs are forwarding. The Faustian bargain the establishment  is  offering only serves to legitimatize what they have done, are doing. That tacit support allows, has allowed, the incremental erosion of civil liberties which we are experiencing this day.

They have my attention and active support on this issue. I will enjoy advocating the remedy forwarded by these Senators. A coherent, unified message with specific demands is essential to the success of any cause.

Printed in The Los Angeles Times:

Benjamin Franklin once warned that a society that trades essential liberties for short-term security risks losing both. That is still true today, and even the staunchest defenders of mass surveillance concede that reforms are inevitable.

The debate over exactly what reforms should be made is likely to continue for at least the next few years as Americans continue to learn about the scale of ongoing government surveillance activities. As an initial step, we have worked with our colleagues in the House and Senate to build support for a package of real and meaningful changes to the law that would promote the restoration of Americans’ constitutional rights and freedoms, while protecting national security.

This package of reforms includes overhauling domestic surveillance laws to ban the bulk collection of Americans’ personal information, and closing the loophole that allows intelligence agencies to deliberately read Americans’ emails without a warrant. It includes reshaping the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by installing an advocate who can argue for Americans’ constitutional rights when the court is considering major cases, and by requiring that significant interpretations of U.S. law and the Constitution be made public. And it would strengthen and clarify the government’s authority to obtain individual records quickly in genuine emergency situations.

These reforms would erect safeguards against the further erosion of our right to privacy, and ensure greater transparency and openness.

We are encouraged by the broad bipartisan support that this package of reforms has received and by the endorsements from both privacy advocates and business leaders. Accordingly, we are disappointed by the House of Representatives’ recent vote to approve a revised version of the USA Freedom Act, with nearly all of the essential reforms either watered down or removed.


Although the bill approved by the House is intended to end bulk collection, we are not at all confident that it would actually do so. The bill would require the government to use a “selection term” to secretly collect records, but the definition of “selection term” is left vague enough that it could be used to collect all of the phone records in a particular area code or all of the credit card records from a particular state. Meanwhile, the bill abandons nearly all of the other reforms contained in the Senate version of the USA Freedom Act, while renewing controversial provisions of the Patriot Act for nearly three more years.

This is clearly not the meaningful reform that Americans have demanded, so we will vigorously oppose this bill in its current form and continue to push for real changes to the law. This firm commitment to both liberty and security is what Americans — including the dedicated men and women who work at our nation’s intelligence agencies — deserve. We will not settle for less.

Full op-ed at the los angeles times

This clip demonstrates Wyden’s sincerity on this issue. He has been screwed over by Feiny so many times he is forcing her to go on the congressional record to bind her, ya! he’s our champion on this issue