I wrote this because I had my 65th birthday on the 14th of this month. I am now on Medicare and a supplement plan. Whoppy doo!

We hear and see stories of people living tom be 100 or more, 82-year-old’s that still run the Boston Marathon and hike up mount sides and what not. Mostly the human interest sections of the news or on Huffington Post, etc. Wonder if it has occurred to anyone why you hear about? Why it’s considered news? The reason should be clear. It’s still news because it’s still damn rare, that’s why.

Truth is that getting old can suck. The scientific explanation I last read is that over time one’s DNA gets corrupted and screwed up and if your DNA is mediocre at best, then things begin to go wrong. Like that old used Chevy Bel Air in the barn, stuff starts to fail and fall off.

We are led to believe — mostly by Hollywood and writers, but now the medical profession — that we can grow and die comfortably. What a load of horse crap. Verbal manure. There are so many things that can begin to go wrong as one ages. Neural degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, MS (Multiple sclerosis), Huntington’s chorea, Lou Gehrig’s disease. Cancer of anything except the hair and nails. Various forms of cardiac disease and circulatory disease.  Bone disease like arthritis and  Osteoporosis.

Nearly all of which are more torturous as time goes on. The only good news is, the medications to treat them — nearly all of which have side effects as unpleasant as the disease itself.

Hear is the reality check in all of this: If you think your going to live out a long and happy life and then die peaceably, that only happens the the movies or if you take an overdose of something.

My cousin on my mother’s side has MS [which I may have as well, I can say yes to 14 of the 16 symptoms]. My grandfather on my mother’s side died of a heart attack but it took 3 to kill him. My aunt on my mother’s side died of complications from a brain disorder. My father died of a brain haemorrhage, cause unknown [ I suspect a tumor]. My grandmother on my mother’s side died in her sleep at 90 something. And on and on.

And yet, we put ourselves with torture or let other’s do it, thinking by doing so we can beat the reaper — when we could instead just enjoy ourselves and our lives.