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(Tom Friedman Justifies 2003 Iraq War In Off-putting Sexual Terms)

One of the consequences of President Barack Obama not bringing to justice the architects of the illegal and disastrous 2003 Iraq invasion and torturous occupation is that those same war criminals feel free to now launch asymmetric attacks against common decency and rational thought in Western media promoting more aggression. Yes, the same ship of fools who blew trillions of dollars and ended hundreds of thousands of lives on cooked intelligence and media manipulation are back to tell us why the US and UK must reenter the fray in Iraq.

From former American Viceroy to Iraq Paul Bremer and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, to Tom Friedman and Bill Kristol and Paul Wolfowitz, the old hawks are flying high again. They claim to have practical solutions to problems caused by their recklessness.

Not surprisingly their accounts of the situation in Iraq include lots of revisions of history, dishonest characterizations, and stark omissions. So why should we listen to them at all?

This question was recently addressed by Paul Waldman in the Washington Post:

As you watch the debate on this issue, you should remind yourself that the most prominent voices being heard are the very ones who brought us the Iraq War in the first place, who promised that everything was simple and the only question was whether we’d be “strong” and “decisive” enough — the same thing they’re saying today. They’re the ones who swore that Saddam was in cahoots with Al Qaeda, that he had a terrifying arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, that the war would be quick, easy and cheap, that since Iraq was a largely secular country we wouldn’t have to worry about sectarian conflict, and that democracy would spread throughout the region in short order, bringing peace and prosperity along with it.

True story.

So now that a Democratic president is preparing to get involved in another war in Iraq where is the antiwar left? And will anyone stand up to the blundering US foreign policy elite who caused Iraq’s collapse in the first place?

Remains to be seen.

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.