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Hey folks, how are you doing as we start a new week?

May Casey Kasem rest in peace.

International Politics


– The U.S. ordered an aircraft carrier to be sent to the Gulf just in case things get worse in Iraq

– Juan Cole: “Blair-Bush & Iraq: It’s not just the quagmire but the Lawbreaking & Deception

– Workers at the U.S. embassy in Iraq were called to evacuate by the U.S. government

Middle East

– Explosions in Baghdad, Iraq left at least 15 people dead and at least 30 people wounded

– A roadside bomb in Afghanistan killed 11 people, which included individuals monitoring the presidential election

– Whoever the next Afghan President will be, he will probably not be able to solve all the issues in the country; Certainly, based on region’s instability, this is true

– “To protect the oil-rich Province of Kirkuk,” Iraqi forces joined with Kurdish forces against the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant

– ISIS rebels captured another town in Iraq as they advance to Baghdad; Meanwhile, ISIS militants posted pictures of themselves massacring soldiers in Iraq

– Three U.S. teenagers were kidnapped while in Israel and Secretary of State John Kerry said “many indications” point to Hamas


– Turkey told its diplomats to leave Benghazi, Libya and said Turkish citizens should do the same

– If there is any sense of justice to be had in Nigeria, then it should given full sovereignty on its issues with the community leading the charge

– In Libya, General Hifter launched an offensive in eastern Benghazi and the fighting left at least 12 dead

Asia and Oceania

– In what is certainly made to provoke outrage, China is building a school for children of its soldiers on an island in the South China Sea

– Pakistani jets fired strikes into a tribal region in the northwest and killed nearly 80 militants; This is a part of an offensive operation by Pakistan against militants

– A video by al-Qaeda called for Muslims in the Kashmir region to fight against India

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.