Truecolor image of Titan

Good Morning!

Fukushima Update:

They’re no longer sure the melted fuel is covered with water in#2. The water temp is 35c, which implies that whatever fuel is still in the reactor is being cooled. It also implies that there isn’t much left in containment to cool.

Well, well, somebody is starting to talk about one of the elephants in the room. Specifically the one where JG and TEPCO continue to imply that the cores are each in one blob. They ain’t, and there will be chunks of the stuff stuck along whatever path the melt dug. As seen at Chernobyl.

Who says the USG isn’t doing anything about Fuku? Why, we’re putting US taxpayers on the hook to pay for part of it AND protecting GE and other nuke companies from liability!

TEPCO claims to have removed 1034 fuel rods from the #4 SFP, leaving 499. They have admitted to around a dozen of the assemblies being damaged enough that simple removal isn’t possible.

One government official kept a diary of the first days of 3/11.  Highlights: #2 reactor explosion blew the bottom off the reactor. TEPCO was NOT passing information on to the JG. Money quote “Those 60 and older should be prepared to die here”

WIPP Update:

The life story of the drum that caused the initial problem.

There is concern that a Plutonium Flash could occur. This is the latest euphemism for an uncontained nuclear reaction.  I guess too many people were figuring out what an incursion is.

There are at least six barrels outside of WIPP that are at risk. This group is in Texas.

Refrigeration by magnetism. Lot’s of nasty stuff is used as refrigerants and most of it eventually leaks into the atmosphere. So this is good, especially if it can be expanded to the home.

Solar power advances. This is a new design, more efficient than current designs, that utilizes quantum dots.

Three class X (The most powerful class) flares from the sun over the last two days. The area generating them is moving toward Earth.

Australia will be using dengue resistant mosquitoes to try and deal with that plague. We should take note, as dengue fever is already established in Texas, especially around Brownsville.

Nevertheless, Australia’s PM is still very much a climate doubter.

Oil continues to wash ashore from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

We THINK we’ve recreated Titan’s atmosphere in the lab.

Boxturtle (Kittens have taken to sleeping in the dirty laundry. Must be cautious to avoid washing them)