We Sell Guns

We Sell Guns!

I have been accused of being against individual gun ownership. I AM NOT.

I have been accused of hating guns, I DO NOT. I HATE THE DAMAGE AND DEATH THEY COMMIT in the hands of humans.

I have been accused of being against the Constitution & the 2nd Amendment, I AM NOT.

Considering this past year, almost weekly mass school and home shootings, accidents or not, something can still be done and needs to be.

I have had continuous arguments (on Facebook) with ‘gun nuts’ (I have wanted to avoid this term, but cannot find too much else to describe the fervor with which they defend themselves, their views, and fly off the handle at the simplest suggestion of any kind of further gun or firearms legislation).

So gun violence, yes, I am sorry, includes GUNS… and GUNS are at the center of the problem.

What is this thing about U.S. Americans and their Gun Fetish?

Even many so-called progressive liberals reason in favor of guns with the phony argument of having the right to defend themselves from government abuse.

So, where are all these progressive liberal gun lovers? Shooting deer, bears or their neighbors?

So, yes, if they are or seem ‘nuts’ about guns, thus = gun nuts.

Recently, former Supreme Court Justice Paul Stevens suggested changing the 2nd amendment, among others… he would add the words “when serving in the militia.”

Thus it would read: “the right of the people to keep and bear arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed.”

I agree that editing it (changing it, as has been done 27 times), we can save lives.

“How retired Justice Stevens would amend the Constitution”

Picture from Michal Spocko licensed under Creative Commons

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