I did not know if I would see it in my life time, a primary challenge to an establishment Dem. Behold the god who bleeds( star trek). Rangel is as establishment as you get, as self serving as it gets. His challenger is likely an establishment Dem as we have heard none of the outcries reserved for such non-establishment challengers. But there is a certain informative value none-the-less.

Wall Street and Rangel like cream and coffee. It will help if he loses his job and it is perceived that the cause was his complete subservience to his wall street brothers and sisters.

From the Huffington Post:

Something new is happening in a New York Democratic primary contest: An incumbent is getting hit for being too close to Wall Street.

The unlucky congressman is Rep. Charles Rangel, who was called out by challenger Adriano Espaillat during a recent debate for a vote to water down Wall Street reform. Espaillat, a state senator, has been hammering Rangel for weeks over his ties to the financial industry. On Thursday night, Rangel pulled out of the final debate before the election.

Rangel, 84, has been in office since 1971, but is in a dead-heat with Espaillat in the primary for New York’s 13th Congressional District, which represents Harlem and some sections of the Bronx. Rangel, Espaillat and a third contender, the Rev. Michael Walrond Jr., squared off in a debate Wednesday evening.

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