Too many things happening this week, but I’ll point you to a few choice bits:

— Teddy Partridge over at PoliCyBear points out that the neocons who trashed Iraq have now pivoted to blaming Obama for it.

— Will San Francisco soon follow Seattle’s lead and vote for a $15 minimum wage?

— A longtime foe of light rail given prominent and friendly quotage by the St. Paul Pioneer Press as well as the Village Voice appendage City Pages is none other than Robert Tatreau, a big Michele Bachmann supporter who is infamous for managing to lose his medical license in two separate states, California and Colorado, and had his ability to practice as an OB/Gyn in Minnesota severely curtailed.

— Mitch McConnell thought it would be a smart move on his part to tie his Democratic opponent, Alison Lundergan Grimes, to Elizabeth Warren. Grimes now has a three-point lead on McConnell. (Oh, and guess who’s coming to campaign for Grimes now?)

— As the neocons who lied us into destroying and then badly remaking Iraq now seek to blame Obama for being unable to fix the unfixable mess they made, people from the reality-based community are reminding us why we shouldn’t listen to the neocons on Iraq, ever.

Phoenix Woman

Phoenix Woman