I really love the Internet, it has made it possible to see more made up garbage in a few hours, than one could formerly see in a lifetime. It has made responsible journalism Jell-O and less than responsible journalism, taken seriously. Fact checking and organ grinders with monkeys are now long gone and obsolete. Within 24 hours of Maya Angelou’s passing, I read the following … twice:

Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option. —Maya Angelou

Sorry, but that was Mark Twain, but that is but an example our current Internet world. Hey, but everyone does it! That is nothing. I never seen anybody but lied one time or another, without it was Aunt Polly, or the widow, or maybe Mary. In pre-Internet days such ineptitude’s were relegated to the backwaters of the Crazyville River, but with Internet paddle in hand they push-off into mid-channel in their tin foil canoes.

Now, I’m not a scientist, nor have I done any serious clinical study of fluoride. My data is purely anecdotal, from fifty years experience with fluoride in the water supply. The detractors insist fluoride is poison and dangerous, or that there is some sort of dark cabal at work trying to poison the human race, so they can take over the world.

My father was raised without fluoride in his drinking water. He had above average intelligence, fathered three children, had trouble with his teeth and died at age eighty. I was raised with fluoridated water and toothpaste; I have above average intelligence, had no problem fathering two children and have good dental health, considering my economic status. But fluoride is marked a poison on the package they insist. Yes, so is iodine. Iodine is also toxic, but they put small amounts of it in table salt. Drinking small amounts of water is good for you, spending an hour at the bottom of the pool is not.

Men never went to the Moon! It was all staged in Hollywood! Except, there were contracts and contractors, paid hundreds of millions of dollars to build space craft with the intent of flying to the moon. I’ve seen the space craft and sat in them; I’ve seen the flight simulators, the space suits and read the mission plans. Bar none, this would be the most amazingly complicated fraud ever perpetrated on humanity. It would involve tens of thousands of people. Not just to fake the flight, but to invent a fake lunar rover to fake driving around on the surface of the fake moon. Plus, NASA had to find a way to fake putting a laser reflector on the surface of the real moon.

Then there’s astronaut Alan Bean, accidentally pointing his fake hand-held video camera at the fake sun and faking its instant failure. There are photographs available on the same Internet of all of the Apollo landing sites; taken from telescopes here on Earth, but guess what… they’re all fake too. The US government spent $20 billion dollars to fake a landing on the moon and all the direct technological developments from the space program, just fell mysteriously from the sky.

The Pope’s involved in Satanic Rituals and murdering children in sacrifices to Lucifer. If it wasn’t for Jews and the Pope, who could we blame things on? I was raised in the Catholic Church, but it wore off. It didn’t take long, before I questioned the robes and rituals. As an adult, I read of the multitudes of other Messiahs, born of a virgin, 12 disciples, born on December 25, rising from the dead and ascending into heaven. Now, if I could easily figure that out then, what of a priest, Bishop or Cardinal? The knowledge is out there and it ain’t hard to find. So if you’re in the upper echelons of the church and have studied college level theology, for say a quarter century, what are the chances of even believing in Lucifer?

Now you’re the Pope! You’ve got money and power and a gig for life and just for fun … you murder children? To believe this one, you must first believe in the Christian God and devil. You must believe it all happened just like the Bible says it happened and without any independent corroboration, because there isn’t any. You must believe in the ancient legend to believe in its current, evil one and you can’t be Catholic, well, because you’re evil too. The Catholic Church is no better or worse than any other church on Earth and that’s not a good thing, but it’s a far cry from sacrificing children to Lucifer.

Now this one is the most far-fetched of them all, Barack Obama is a Liberal. A Marxist – Leninist, Kenyan born, Muslim, Communist, out to destroy the United States. Obama Care is a retread of Richard Nixon’s 1972 Republican health care plan, it is a privatization scheme. Communist and Socialist healthcare plans are all public plans which cover everyone. Cash for Clunkers was scheme first tried by Henry Ford during the last economic Depression. Those with enough money or credit to buy a new car would get a tax credit or in Ford’s day, a discount. Those without enough money or credit to purchase a new car, face higher prices for used cars.

Somehow this Marxist — Leninist, Kenyan born Socialist got his wires crossed; he sides with GM and against its workers, then he sides with big oil against his own EPA. He proposed a 687 billion dollar stimulus, giving more than a third of the benefits to 20,000 US corporations. The remaining 458 billion was split among Congressional Districts. So let’s recap, the Liberal Obama gave Corporate America about eleven million dollars each, while the struggling proletariat each received around $14.92 in assistance.

Oh brother, if you believe Barack Obama is a Liberal, you’ll believe anything!

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David Cox

David Cox