I’m small, but I won’t be intimidated


Well, nobody else has posted coverage, so I will. Here is a cute kitten picture where a 1.5lb kitten is thieving food from a 140lb Great Pyrenees.

So when you stand up to a stupid, smelly, oversized government remember that attitude counts for more than size! Just ask Cantor.

Here in Ohio, people are already discussing Boehner in light of Cantor. Bottom line: He’s weakened, but he’ll certainly retain his seat and influence. His speakership is likely not in danger, there’s a desire for some stability and Cantor was the most likely insurgent. His carefully gerrymandered district is all that protects him.

Farmers markets are selling first of the season tomatoes already. And none of them look like thick skinned baseballs!

Boxturtle (none of the people I suspected as replacements are being discussed for Cantor’s Job)