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5000 Tent City “Copa do Povo” Springs Up on Doorstep of Sao Paulo World Cup Stadium

A 5000 tent city has been built near the Arena de Sao Paulo, where Brazil will play its opening match against Croatia for the World Cup.

The tent city has been dubbed “Copa do Povo” (“The People’s Cup”) by organizers of the Homeless Worker’s Movement to protest poverty in the country:

Squatters have been living in tents and shacks, where a plastic sheet acts as a roof, packed on to the 37-acre site, around two miles from the Arena.

But the camp is safe and clean, as families living there try to get on with their lives as normally as they can, while regularly attending demonstrations and marches.

Approximately 250,000 people across Brazil have been forced from their homes or threatened with eviction in order to accomodate the event, according to the Popular Committee for the World Cup and Olympics.   The Brazilian government estimates that hosting the world cup will cost the public 26 billion reais ($11.6 billion).

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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