So, Lloyd Blankfein was on CBS This Morning, on Tuesday, when he made that statement (video link).

I just can’t help but feel he’s got something up his sleeve. Is there some kind of new SEC investigation or something that he wants to get in front of, and this is some kind of PR spin to frame their voracious greed as something to “grow the pie?” Maybe he has some some Republican or DINO in his pocket and wants less, or no regulation at all, for some kind of new exotic CDO, or Interest Rate Swap, so he’s given them marching orders for a new bill making sure there’s no regulation of some new kind of Wall Street casino three card monte Special Purpose Entity.

Goldman Sachs is the most successful Boiler Room of Wall Street, and home of the “Shitty Deal” and derivatives.

I’d maybe like to believe him, but I think I missed the reform he was promoting. Did he say anything about outlawing High Frequency Trading, or advocating for a Tobin Tax


john in sacramento

john in sacramento