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The Day that Cantor died…

JUNE 11, 2014
“kids kill kids in school and then themselves’ how much more of this plus the cries of the Newtown and other parents….do we have to listen to, before SOME kind of ‘reasonable’ GUN SAFETY (e.g. national, enforceable background checks)…can get through our KNOW NOTHING DO NOTHING CONGRESS? ….I know there are millions of gun owners/users including NRA members out there, who would like something to be done. well, just saying… (why do I bother?)……

Mr David  Bratt, the Tea bagger party idiot wins in VA….primaries pushing out Eric Cantor himself.
Bratt is extremely far right, Tea party, extreme ‘neo libertarian’ ‘free market’ moron..”

In an interview with Chuck Todd this morning, in which, Mr Brat thought that it was a celebratory event for him, Todd dared to ask a serious question. Randian Brat launched into a Tea bagger, ‘neo libertarian’ RANT about the ‘FREE MARKET”…’ I’m a Free market guy’… really? what about people? Minimum wage etc..?

No way Brat was having serious consideration.  Oh, for the life of me…. This guy’s a college Professor, but doesn’t want to be bothered with a serious interview about ‘Issues’.

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