David Correia says “make it 14,” as Silvio Dell’Angela, Air Force veteran and neighbor of Chris Hinz, who was killed by APD in 2010, was barred from attending future city council meetings for daring to hang an upside down American flag on the railing separating ‘guests’ from the council tables.

But still, the 13, including FDL’s good Barbara Grothus, were arrested during a peaceful protest at the ABQ Mayor’s office on June 2, another in a series of brilliantly planned actions designed to stop the brutality and murders by the APD. Twenty-five citizens have been killed by cops since 2010. Read more background at the link, and the genesis of the protests here.

Watch this vicious June 4 KOAT hit piece by Nancy Laflin masquerading as ‘UNM Professor Correia Background.’ Note Correia has been designated as ‘the leader’ of citizen protests in the banner.

“Albuquerque police say that the parent of the child could face child endangerment charges.” Wow, a total mouthpiece for the APD and city government, it seems.

Rob Perry is ABQ’s chief administrative officer who was in Mayor Berry’s office since the mayor just happened to be ‘out of town’ that evening. And yes, UNM, where Correia teaches, was indeed watching and waiting to see whether or not the felony assault on a police officer David had been arrested for … would result in a conviction. He has maintained his innocence since that night, and that there was citizen video that would prove it. But how kind of the Mayor’s office to provide KOAT with that closed circuit video from his lobby, eh? It’s hard not to wonder when that was installed.

On June 6, La Jicarita, an online magazine of NM environmental politics Correia co-edits, published ‘In Defense of David Correia’ by Amy L. Brandzell, Assistant Professor of American Studies and Women’s Studies at the University of New Mexico. It is a short and clear statement of her solidarity with David and his comrades protest actions, but also his right to do so as a UNM professor. She calls media headlines that he might, or should, lose his job “salacious and scandalous,” misrepresenting the fact that his social activism are at odds with his profession. Good on her.

We may only know later how much other support he was given at UNM by students and faculty, but in any event Correia most gloriously announced on Monday:

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