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Hey folks, the week seems to be flying by.  It’s Wednesday already and the news today will no doubt be dominated by Eric Cantor’s primary loss.  But in other news:

International Politics


– Things are escalating in Ukraine with the U.S. recently sending B-2 stealth bombers to Europe that certainly is a message to Russia

Middle East

– The recent aggresive incidents in Israel by soldiers and settlers indicate a system built on the active use of the state monopoly of violence

– Gareth Porter: “How US Policy on Iran Came to Be Based on Fabricated Documents

– Journalist Patrick Cockburn writes on the efforts by the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant (ISIS) to gain control in Iraq


– In contrast to an article yesterday about Sudan being the only country to help South Sudan, the President of Sudan said he will take South Sudan or else Sudan will be taken by South Sudan. South Sudan gained its independence from Sudan in 2011.

– Suspected Boko Haram militants kidnapped 20 more women in a village in Nigeria

Asia and Oceania

– The government in Pakistan fired air strikes in districts with militants killing 15 people

– In a rare move, China announced it will join with the south-east Asian countries and the U.S. in Pacific naval exercises


– The far-right may have gotten gains in the EU elections, but the victories attained by the left show there is still hope out there to correct errors

– The new Financial Minister in Greece has a history of supporting the free market and advocating for neoliberal measures such as austerity

– Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said humanitarian corridors should be made so civilians can flee from the fighting in the east

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The upcoming election in Ontario, Canada may lead to a government based on “tea-party-like” principles

– A wonderful article on the unveiling of class and race in Brazil as a result of the World Cup; I can’t help but look forward to what will happen on Thursday

– There are just two days left until the World Cup begins in Brazil and the government is continuing its “favela pacification” program

Surveillance Planet

– Peter Van Buren: “Does Snowden Know Why the NSA Doesn’t Need Warrants? He Might.

– Al Gore said the efforts by Edward Snowden are an important contribution

– Emptywheel: “Verizon Counsel Speaks Out Against “Outsourcing” Intelligence

– The private tech industry tries to play a PR campaign to ensure it will counter snooping by the government, though its history questions whether or not they are serious about it

Financial Matters

Part three of eight with economist Rob Johnson on the decision to give more to the financial industry, which used it to form their own rules and regulations

– The IMF recommends Greece do two things: Either implement more of its recommended measures or more austerity; Sounds reasonable from very reasonable people

– In what certainly seems like a recovery for a few, private wealth grew last year by $152 trillion, thanks mostly to rising stocks; To be honest, I’m surprised by the amount it grew

– Dean Baker: “Why Do Coal Mining Jobs Matter So Much More Than Jobs Lost to Trade?

Politics US

Washington USA

– If there is one group forgotten when it comes to voting rights, it is indigenous Americans as they do not fair access to voting

– In a 421-0 vote (no typo), the House of Representative passed a bill to give veterans treatment from local doctors

– President Obama signed a $12.3 billion bill to make improvements on current water projects

Anytown USA

– Pew: Compared to the previous year, the number of undocumented children trying to enter the U.S. nearly doubled

– Jon Stewart brilliantly shows the Islamophobia of the right wing on the issue of Bowe Bergdahl

– A new report by the ACLU uncovered discrimination against immigrants in private prisons

– As much as we laugh about the mainstream media, it certainly tricks people when other opinions and arguments are made

– A New Mexico judge ruled the city of Albuquerque must pay $6 million over the shooting death of a man with schizophrenia

– Bad news. California, as a result of both overcrowding and high medical costs, will use private prisons for incoming inmates.

– Despite Bill de Blasio pledging to stop arrests for pot possession, the NYPD is still jailing minorities for it

– New York City, meanwhile, agreed to pay $583,000 to Occupy Wall Street protesters who say they were unfairly treated and arrested

We Don’t Need No Education

A new report uncovered a “two-tier” education system created by charter schools

– A judge in California ruled the tenure law in the state is unconstitutional as it places a burden on minority students with ineffective teachers

– Natasha Lennard: “The Student Debt Crisis Needs a More Radical Reaction Than Obama’s Weak Politics

– Moreover, President Obama’s solution may not be going to the students that need the help the most

Top Gun (Stories)

– A student was killed and a teacher was injured after a shooter entered an Oregon school, he then committed suicide after firing

The Second Sex

– An interesting article about how human rights issues must also include women’s rights as it is one of the most important issues in contemporary times

– Nearly 200,000 people signed a petition for the Obama administration to address female genital mutilation (FGM) in the U.S.

– Jessica Valenti: “The only ‘privilege’ afforded to campus rape victims is actually surviving

– College students who suffered from sexual assault share their stories with The Guardian on what they felt and what is not being done

A new report found sex offenses increased at colleges and universities, despite overall crime declining

Planet Earth 

– Conflicts over resources have begun in Texas with some rural communities unhappy about the state trying to get water for its growing population

– The FAA approves the first use of drones for a company that shouldn’t be given anything first: BP

Mixed Bag

– A “love bridge” in Paris, France where couples place  “love locks” on a railing had to be evacuated after part of the railing collapsed from the weight

Break Time


Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.