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The Roundup for June 9th, 2014

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Hey folks, how are you doing? It’s the start of the work week.

International Politics


– John Oliver has a fantastic piece about the corruption in FIFA and how powerful they are compared to states; Meanwhile, Sepp Blatter criticizes the British media by saying they are “racists intending to bring down both soccer and FIFA as a result of reporting on Qatar

– Iran says its talks with the U.S. in Geneva about a new international deal are “constructive”

– Chris Hedges: “The Rules of Revolt

Middle East

– Pope Francis hosted a meeting with Israeli and Palestinian leaders to engage in dialogue, although it will probably not result in much

– How many Iraqis have fled from the Anbar province since the conflict between al-Qaeda forces and the military began? More than 450,000

– Meanwhile, the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant will continue to occupy Mosul, the second largest city in Iraq, and are seeking to expand in Iraq

– Moreover, a series of bombings in the country left at least 40 people dead

– In eastern Afghanistan, three suicide bombers killed one guard and left 25 trucks on fire


– It seems Sudan is the only country that can assist in reducing tensions in South Sudan

– The Supreme Constitutional Court in Libya rejected the newly appointed Prime Minister

Asia and Oceania

– After the attack on the Karachi airport in Pakistan, the Pakistani Taliban promised more violence


– Despite a reshuffle in the structure of the Greek government, it is unlikely to produce any significant changes

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

More than 200,000 soldiers were deployed by the Brazilian government ahead of Thursday’s World Cup opening; You don’t deploy soldiers without using the state monopoly of violence

– Meanwhile, such state monopoly of violence was found in Sao Paulo where police fired tear gas on protesters

– Dave Zirin: “Is a ‘Systematic Political Campaign’ Responsible for Brazil’s World Cup Protests?

Surveillance Planet

– NSA whistleblowers Kirk Wiebe and William Binney explain to The Real News why they decided to blow the whistle and what it meant to them

– Natasha Lennard: “The Anniversary of Snowden’s First Leaks Is No Time to Celebrate

A review into what Daniel Ellsberg released with the Pentagon Papers, such as the U.S. almost using nuclear weapons in Vietnam, and its relevance to today

Financial Matters

Part two of eight with economist Rob Johnson about the failure of Reaganomics and how it was a ridiculous concept

– Despite income inequality still being a major issue, Latin America still offers the hope to reverse such extreme circumstances

Labor’s a-Brewing

– The unrest among workers in 1989 in China contributed to protests on Tiananmen Square. Yet such unrest in contemporary times, as journalist Michelle Chen writes, can lead to more protests; Very informative article

– Journalist Arun Gupta explains how Seattle, Wash., was able to get $15/hour and what resulted from it

– Unions in Puerto Rico said they will go on a general strike if a new budget full of cuts is kept and implemented

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: For the month of May, the approval rate for President Obama was at 44 percent

– Say what you will about President Obama, but his foreign policy over his two terms changed so much

– Pew: 43 percent of Americans think the trade for Bowe Bergdahl was wrong, while 34 percent say it was right

– A new report uncovered more than 57,000 veterans are waiting for care within the Department of Veterans Affairs

– It seems the Obama administration is strongly considering realeasing more detainees

Anytown USA

– A new federal grand jury has taken up the Bridgegate scandal in New Jersey, but details about it are few since barely anything has been leaked

– Mayor Bill de Blasio explains his rationale for supporting New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to get the Working Families Party endorsement

An excerpt from artist Clark Stoeckley’s new graphic novel on the trial of Chelsea Manning. Clark Stoeckley will be here on Sunday, June 15 for the FDL Book Salon

We Don’t Need No Education

– Juan Cole: “Student Debt: Blame Law-Makers, Tax-Shirking Rich, War on Drugs, not Universities

– Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) signed new legislation allowing undocumented immigrants to pay tuition for their education; Welcome to the inflated tuition costs

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Gallup: 19 percent of Americans who have been unemployed for a year or more have been treated for depression/currently have it

– In what is surely disgusting, spikes on the ground appeared outside luxurious apartments in London to ensure the homeless do not sleep there

– Vioxx, the over-the-counter drug that used to be sold until it was found to cause major side effects, is now in a new lawsuit on how it damaged the bones in a man’s spine

The Second Sex

– The FDA released data showing women suffer from more side effects than men when taking drugs

– In what is certainly shameful, there were a number of sexual assault during the inauguration of General Sisi in Egypt

Planet Earth 

– Scientists Stuart Pimm and Terry Root warn humans are causing mass extinction on the planet, yet there is still time to prevent major damage

– Dahr Jamail: “Will Fracking Cause Our Next Nuclear Disaster?

– In 2013, the USDA killed more than 4 million animals. Their justification? They’ll get back to you on that

– If there is anything necessary to understand global warming, then it should be the correlation between carbon emissions and economic growth

Mixed Bag

– The Onion does it again! New Charter School Lottery System Gives Each Applicant White Pill, Enrolls Whoever Left Standing

– GM, Ford and Chrysler state they will give $26 million to save public retirement pensions in Detroit; What does it say about a system that shows the private industry giving more than the public government?

Break Time


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Brandon Jordan

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