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Late, Late Night FDL: No Bravery

James Blunt – No Bravery

From Blunt’s wiki…

In 1999, he served as an armoured reconnaissance officer in the NATO deployment in Kosovo. Initially assigned to reconnaissance of the Republic of Macedonia-Yugoslavia border, Blunt and his unit worked ahead of the front lines directing forces and targeting Serb positions for the NATO bombing campaign. His unit was given the assignment of securing the Pristina International Airport in advance of the 30,000-strong peacekeeping force; however the Russian army had moved in and taken control of the airport before his unit’s arrival. American NATO commander Wesley Clark ordered that Blunt’s unit forcibly take the airport from the Russian contingent. However, after Blunt queried the order, Mike Jackson, Blunt’s superior officer, and Blunt himself refused to comply fearing greater consequences, with Jackson stating that they were “not going to start the Third World War” for Clark.[17][18][19] The airport would eventually be shared peacefully by Blunt’s unit and the Russians. There were less intense moments during Blunt’s Kosovo assignment. Blunt had brought along his guitar, strapped to the outside of his tank. At some places, the peacekeepers would share a meal with hospitable locals, and Blunt would perform. It was while on duty there that he wrote the song “No Bravery”.[20]

Yesterday, Down Under…

James Blunt storms Melbourne

Ignore the music snobs. James Blunt’s live show is of world class standard.

From the moment Blunt came on stage at Melbourne’s The Plenary he owned the audience. By song three they were out of their seats and flocking to the front of the stage.

James Blunt appeals to a particular audience. The crowd was made up of mainly 30-40 year old women who were obsessed by him. They knew all of the words to every song. They sang along, they stood, they danced, they lit up the lights on their mobile phones. It was certainly something to see. It was like watching the mothers of One Direction fans acting like One Direction fans…

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