Richard Taylor and friend celebrating their birthday with a special cake

Today is my birthday. I’m not going to tell you how many candles would be on my cake but it would be enough to possibly set off the smoke detector.

I have always tried to make sure I have a good meal on my birthday. It doesn’t matter if I go out or stay home and cook it myself, I make sure it is a good feed. I was born on a Sunday and the birthday has fallen often enough on Sundays over the years that the good fried chicken dinner has often been the birthday meal. But I’m just as likely to go for a nice steak as I am the chicken – especially when I’m making the meal myself.

Today’s meal will be a petite sirloin, probably seasoned with pepper and pan broiled. I’m not sure what the potato will be but am leaning toward boiled/buttered potatoes and I have a bit of fresh fruit (strawberries and pineapple) as well.

If someone has thrown the occasional party for me, there might be burgers and dogs of course. Whatever I do for the meal though, whether I eat at home, someone else’s home or out at a restaurant, I make sure I have things the way I want them.

Richard Taylor 6th birthday party

As you can see from the pictures, I manage to have cake (or cupcakes) at least some of the time. Sometimes I have to stop at the bakery section of the local grocery and get a small (chocolate) cake but I pretty much always have something special for dessert. Today though, instead of cake, I’m having a small cherry pie.

What is your ultimate birthday meal? Do you have to prepare it yourself or does your significant other shoo you out of the kitchen and do it for you? What’s your dessert? Do you have a party by yourself or do you have some friends or family that set your party up for you? Or do you go out for the birthday meal to the fine restaurant? Or pizza parlor?

What are your birthday food tales?



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