So, they didn’t act alone?? The bombs were way too sophisticated to be made from an Internet recipe. And, according to the prosecution: “…searches of the Tsarnaev’s residences, three vehicles, and other locations associated with them yielded virtually no traces of black powder, again strongly suggesting that others had built, or at least helped the Tsarnaev’s build the bombs.”

Forget about the media’s portrayal of the cold-blooded Tsarnaevs carefully packing nails and ball bearings into bombs. It didn’t happen.

And, forget about Dzhokhar detonating the bomb with his cell phone. He wasn’t trained for it. IMO a sophisticated bomber would have a sophisticated detonator which could be operated from a safe distance. (Hopefully, more than 20 paces away from the bomb.)

In short, there seems to be no real evidence that the Tsarnaevs built the bombs or detonated them. Regardless, the government insists they were involved in the bombing, somehow.

However, the new scenario seems to imply that they were not instigators, but simply foot soldiers in a Muslim terror cell. Patsies, if you will.

Bear in mind, there is evidence that Tamerlan was being manipulated, not by a terror cell, but by the FBI. Yep. These two guys certainly were somebody’s patsies.

What about that terror cell? Supposedly the Feds are hot on the trail of a terrorist group which has its roots in the Caucasus and the “-stan” nations. What has their search turned up so far? To review the cast of “dangerous characters” …

Ibragim Todashev, a Chechen friend of Tamerlan’s, was killed by an FBI agent under highly suspicious circumstances, after being forced to write a confession implicating himself in the Waltham triple murder (in which he got the crucial details completely wrong).

Ibragim’s girlfriend Tatiana Gruzdeva was arrested when she refused to spy on her man. She spent three months in jail, and was later deported to Moldova after speaking to a journalist (whose article noted her extensive teddy-bear collection and her fondness for cats).

Khusen Taramov spoke out about his friend Ibragim’s worried state of mind the night he was murdered. He went to Chechnya for Ibragim’s funeral. Although a legal permanent resident of the U.S., he has been denied re-entry into this country. CAIR-Florida is on the case and has petitioned Secretary of State Kerry about it.

Ashurmamad Miraliev, a college student and pizza delivery man from Tajikistan, was helpful to Ibragim’s father and to Tatiana after Ibragim was murdered. Arrested In September 2013 on a trumped-up witness-tampering charge, he was interrogated without counsel, kept in solitary confinement for a month, put on a terror watch list, and finally deported.

Kazakh college students Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazhayakov smoked a lot of pot with Dzhokhar. On April 19th they were detained with snipers, tasers and a strip-search, and interrogated without counsel. They were pressured or manipulated into confessing that they removed fireworks from Dzhokhar’s dorm room.

Robel Phillipos, an Ethiopian friend of Dzhokhar, Dias and Aza, has been charged with lying about the Great Fireworks Coverup.

Heda Umarova and her brothers Adam and Junes are young Chechen friends of the Tsarnaev family. All three have been actively supportive of Dzhokhar since his arrest. Heda was “sought by law enforcement” after she decided to stay in Chechnya to get married, instead of returning to the U.S. She has posted pictures of Chechens holding rifles, and a photo of the much-misunderstood Jihad flag on a bag containing a U.S. passport.

Khairullozhon Matanov, a likeable, law-abiding cabbie from Kyrgyzstan, did the right thing by going to the police on April 19th to identify the Tsarnaevs as the men in the video. He cooperated with the FBI for a year. It didn’t help him any. He has been arrested and charged with destroying evidence. His real crime? He’s a friend of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, and has stated his belief in their innocence.

Here’s what this looks like to me. In “Patriot Act” America, if you are a Muslim or other “exotic” immigrant, and you happen to pick the wrong friends, and/or if you refuse to do the FBI’s bidding, you are a criminal and a terrorist. You can be imprisoned on the flimsiest of pretexes. Your life can be destroyed. (And as a bonus, you may become the target of a whole lot of stupid internet hate mail. One commenter said about Heda: “I hope she dies there.”)

Karin Friedemann has written: “It is naive to assume good will on the part of government prosecutors …. in these fake “Islamic terror” cases, knowing how much foul play has gone on … It appears the government’s purpose for putting a Muslim on trial in America is rarely to establish the facts of the case but to create deliberately misleading narrative for the purpose of bolstering a political agenda that most Americans would not agree with if they knew the facts … a stereotypical, false narrative-with-an-agenda the media promotes, similar to Nazi journalism about Jews in the 1940s.”

Scary stuff.

I live across the street from a mosque. Since last April, they have been showing up to pray every single night. It’s easy to understand why. In Patriot Act America, they need all the help they can get.?