It’s such a lovely early summer morning, so here are some dancing swans, accompanied by Tchaikovsky, to start out a mellow weekend morning. So sit back with that cuppa. Serenity Now.

I think swans are magnificent, so beautiful, such grace; but apparently in real life they’re obnoxious. Anybody ever eaten one? I guess why not. But like many others, I’m afflicted with first world eating taboos, and eating the beautiful is one of those. But we eat other birds like turkeys, ducks, chickens and even geese. Have any of you dined on swan? I suppose you’ll tell us they taste just like chicken.

We get tundra swans flying through on their way to and from the tundra. It’s always a delight to see them stop by in February and March. We have mute swans around here all year round, too. They were brought to the United States from Europe as adornments for parks and gardens, but naturally some escaped to the wild, becoming invasive.

They mate for life, as most of you know, and mom often buses the kids, (alright, cygnets) around the waterways nestled on her back. One of my favorite fairy tales is Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Ugly Duckling.” They are awkward teenagers, you have to admit, just like us.

So swans, love ’em? Or hate ’em?

Swan Lake, Kirov Ballet (2006)