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Come Saturday Morning: How To Bread and Fry Catfish

One of the things that has defeated me for years has been the proper breading and frying of food. Doesn’t matter what it is — chicken, fish, veggies — I just could never figure out how to fry it properly.

Until now.

It was on a package of catfish parts that the secret trick was revealed. Now, the recipe wasn’t all that different from ones I’d seen before — moisten fillets with water, roll in seasoned flour, roll in beaten egg, roll in seasoned breadcrumbs — but there was one essential step I had never before seen, right after the “roll in breadcrumbs” bit:

Wait fifteen minutes before frying.

That’s it. That’s the trick. Breading stays on, and becomes nice and golden brown. Three to five minutes a side, and the fish cooks yet doesn’t get tough or rubbery.

Perfection. Come and have some!

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