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The Roundup for June 6th, 2014

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70 years ago to this day was D-Day.

International Politics


– Professor Leo Panitch talks with The Real News on how D-Day started the process of the U.S. leading capitalism into Europe for control

– Juan Cole: “On D-Day: Remembering the Muslim Troops who Fought the Axis

– A helpful article providing analysis on the situation between the West and the East and possible solutions to the Ukrainian crisis

Middle East

– Gareth Porter: “Leading Alarmist on Iran Ignored What He Knew Was True

– The opposition leader in Israel said Benjamin Netanyahu “loathes” President Obama and such a feeling affects the relationship between Israel and the U.S.

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: I worry about the safety of the Palestinian prisoners in Israel on hunger strike

– As a result of many factors, which include water scarcity, destruction and a civil war, the risk of more Syrians fleeing from their homes is high

– With Fatah and Hamas working together in a Palestinian government, there still exist issues that must be addressed. For instance, there is no main political platform to work on.


– In Somalia, al-Shabab militants have stopped food shipments from entering cities in the south. This is causing hunger and starvation and led to the deaths of some civilians.

– Adly Mansour, the outgoing Egyptian President, made a decree to criminalize sexual harassment

– It is being reported Egypt is interested in talking with Western officials over its economy; That isn’t good

Asia and Oceania

– Tribes in North Waziristan in Pakistan said they will remove all foreign fighters from the territory in 15 days

– The police in Thailand warned citizens that even posting things online against the junta might get them arrested

– China played damage control by saying its military is not for influence as a Pentagon report said, rather it is for defense


– On the day before Petro Poroshenko will be sworn-in as Ukrainian President, pro-Russian separatists shot down an army plane

– Meanwhile, Poroshenko said, after meeting with Vladimir Putin, he was pleased to have dialogue with Russia

– President Putin: It is possible for a referendum to happen to change Volgograd back to Stalingrad; Oh please no. For the love of anything, don’t do it.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– In Curitiba, Brazil, workers who are a part of the upcoming World Cup had an impromptu strike on unpaid wages. Afterward, they were sent to a meeting to discuss their demands.

Surveillance Planet

– Michael Ratner discusses the impact the revelations given by not only Edward Snowden, but also by Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange

– Vodafone, a mobile phone company, released a report showing governments snooping on conversation of its users; Deutsche Telekom announced it will also release documents on state surveillance

Financial Matters

– A new report shows how privatization in the U.S. leads to a “race to the bottom

– 89,000 automobiles will be recalled by the General Motors for defects; The saga continues

– David Sirota: “Americans Pay the Price for Private Equity Firms’ Sins

– A lawyer who had a successful class action lawsuit against the tobacco industry is suing high-frequency traders for their unethical ways to get profit

– The jobs report for May shows 217,000 jobs added and the unemployment rate stayed at 6.3 percent. Dean Baker has more.

Labor’s a-Brewing

– A mother who works at Wal-Mart talks about the hardships that not only she faces, but also other mothers face working in the low-wage retail store

– In the past few decades, business groups have attempted to stop demands by workers. Yet, as the resurgence of worker strikes come, they are seeking to stop it at all cost.

Politics US

Washington USA

– As the Senate now discusses the prospect of a constitutional amendment to reform campaign finance, it is ignoring calls for public financing for elections

– Amy Goodman: “Bergdahl, Afghanistan, and the Darkening of the American Soul

– A new poll found 44 percent of Americans disagree that the prisoner swap for Bergdahl was right compared to 29 who agree

– It now seems, as a result of not getting the treatment by the VA they needed, 18 veterans died as a result

– A new report said the military and its suppliers should be more commercial and competitive in the globalized world

– A watchdog group will see if allegations of retaliation by the VA against its workers for filing whistleblowers complaints are true

– Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY): There’ll be “a drone with their name on it” if the freed Taliban detainees plot retaliation against the U. S.

– President Obama nominated a big money donor to be the ambassador to France

– For fear of national security concerns, the U.S. government told a federal appeals court it wants more redactions on its drone strikes

Anytown USA

– The term “communism” should be back into our discussion on a future society, yet it should be a different vision that is not like the Soviet Union. Rather, it should include new elements influenced by contemporary ideas.

– Developers in New Jersey were give a $223 million subsidy by the state government to build a shopping mall. They were also donors for Chris Christie; This is getting ridiculous. Chris Christie is a pathetic, corrupt plutocrat interested in his own little schemes. How anyone can support this trash is beyond me.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– A new federal report uncovered the disastrous conditions in Los Angeles County jails and said it fuels suicides

Top Gun (Stories)

– In terms of gun ownership among domestic abusers, there still exists loopholes that end up with tragic consequences for their partners

– Justin Bourque is under arrest by the Canadian police after a manhunt for him for killing three officers

A brilliant and funny segment on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart on the “dos and don’ts” with the 2nd Amendment

The Second Sex

– Within the geek community, there is still misogyny that noticeablyaffects how women are treated

– Journalist Jessica Valenti interviews author Rebecca Solnit on her new book and more on the term mansplaining. Rebecca Solnit will be on the FDL Book Salon on July 19th, a Saturday.

Planet Earth 

– Researchers state, despite the devastating effects large agricultural companies have had on Monarch butterflies, there are ways to increase its population

– New research shows the only solution to prevent the damaging effects of global warming is to cut carbon emissions in the atmosphere

Mixed Bag

A new report out of Iraq found the government did very little to get back more than 30,000 archaeological pieces missing or lost since the 2003 U.S.-led invasion

– In Germany, authorities painted the German colors on a statue of Karl Marx to celebrate ahead of the World Cup; Workers of the world unite…on the field for a friendly game for 30 minutes.

Break Time

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