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70 years ago to this day was D-Day.

International Politics


– Professor Leo Panitch talks with The Real News on how D-Day started the process of the U.S. leading capitalism into Europe for control

– Juan Cole: “On D-Day: Remembering the Muslim Troops who Fought the Axis

– A helpful article providing analysis on the situation between the West and the East and possible solutions to the Ukrainian crisis

Middle East

– Gareth Porter: “Leading Alarmist on Iran Ignored What He Knew Was True

– The opposition leader in Israel said Benjamin Netanyahu “loathes” President Obama and such a feeling affects the relationship between Israel and the U.S.

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon: I worry about the safety of the Palestinian prisoners in Israel on hunger strike

– As a result of many factors, which include water scarcity, destruction and a civil war, the risk of more Syrians fleeing from their homes is high

– With Fatah and Hamas working together in a Palestinian government, there still exist issues that must be addressed. For instance, there is no main political platform to work on.


– In Somalia, al-Shabab militants have stopped food shipments from entering cities in the south. This is causing hunger and starvation and led to the deaths of some civilians.

– Adly Mansour, the outgoing Egyptian President, made a decree to criminalize sexual harassment

– It is being reported Egypt is interested in talking with Western officials over its economy; That isn’t good

Oxdown Diaries

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