We know we don’t live in a free democratic state.  We know Democracy is dead.  It’s the dirty little secret of every American who has lived for at least the past two generations.We are not a nation of We The People.  Yet we keep pretending like we don’t know it.  We hide our shame, our powerlessness, our dirty little secret.  Our actions speak louder than words, however.

Take the recent demise of Net Neutrality.  What, you say?  We’re still fighting for Net Neutrality.  It’s not dead yet.  Yes, it is.  You already know this.  Here, I’ll prove you already know this and prove you already know Democracy is dead too.  The other night John Oliver made a call to arms to all internet trolls to swamp the FCC with complaints about the proposed new rules to Net Neutrality.  Here’s the video.

Mr. Oliver spells out clearly and succinctly what the stakes are.  He implores us to contact the FCC in the 120 day window  we have to comment on the process.  The FCC has complained that they’re being flooded with messages.  Maybe you’re one of the people who posted a comment.  Maybe you’re not.  The thing is, you and I and every American – including those who are posting their complaints to the FCC – know that it won’t make any difference.

That’s why you almost certainly didn’t and aren’t intending to write to the FCC.  Because you know it doesn’t matter.  Many of those who are writing are still lying to themselves, but at least they have their hearts in the right place.  A few who write in know in their hearts Wheeler isn’t going to suddenly about face.  They still write anyways because, well, because they have to do something besides lay down and admit defeat.

But we all know it’s over.

Net Neutrality died when Obama put Tom Wheeler in charge of the FCC.  Everything else is just a formality.

Yet people still go through with the motions of pretending that writing comments to the FCC is going to make any difference at all.  Freedom in America means We The People are free to comment and the people who actually control our country are free to ignore We The People.  You know it, I know it, and every single American in this country secretly knows it.

Everything else is just dressing up the charade that allows us to continue to keep our dirty little secret:  Our government doesn’t answer to We The People.  We vote, but the people we have to vote for are already vetted by the people who actually control the government.  We are not a Democracy and with no democracy, we are not a free people.  Our troops don’t defend our freedoms because we have no freedoms.  Our elections don’t matter because we have no true choices.  Our markets are monopolies and our ability to seek Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happyness is curtailed by the reality that we are wage slaves.

Nothing in our Constitution is being upheld and we know it.  That’s our dirty little secret.  We know and we keep pretending that we don’t.  There will come a time – either sooner or later – when we finally realize that there are many forms of violence, not just physical, and we had better learn quick that violence of some form is the only solution.  Be that the violence of nationwide strikes, the violence of mass exodus, the violence civil disobedience or the violence of the torch, nothing short of it will return us our freedoms.