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The Roundup for June 4th, 2014

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Hey folks, how are you today?

International Politics


– After the attack in Brussels at a Jewish museum, the G7 will plan defenses against European jihadists returning from Syria

– It matters to discuss foreign aid to Israel when cities in the U.S. are suffering from lack of funds

– President Obama: Russia is using “dark tactics” in its strategy for Ukraine; Dark tactics? This rhetoric is escalating

– The West demanded Iran needs to end suspicions that it works for nuclear armament if it wants a deal to take place; Aren’t you the ones who spread this suspicion in the first place?

Middle East

– Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: The U.S. will not pursue their military option against Iran and will use other tactics to persuade Iran

An investigation by The Real News into Israel and its weapon expos showcasing the latest in arms

– With 88.7 percent of the vote, Bashar al-Assad was re-elected as President of Syria

– With the latest events on the new Fatah-Hamas government in Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu is attempting to get leverage with anything

– Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki requested a conference to solve the issue in the Anbar province, but residents state it is too late to do it

– Throughout Iraq, meanwhile, a series of bombings left at least 25 people dead


– The White House: We look forward to working with Egypt’s General Sisi to “advance strategic partnership

– On a villa outside of Benghazi, a suicide bomber attempted to killed General Khalifa Haftar, but killed three of his aides

– In the first time in the past 20 years, the U.S. appoints an ambassador to Somalia

– In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood stated the presidential vote should be “null and void

Asia and Oceania

– Australia told its citizens not to travel to Pakistan due to a “very high threats” in the country

– An accident in a coal mine in Chongqing, China left 22 people dead and two people injured

– China curbed dissent as it is 25 years since the Tiananman Square protests


– Nikos Michaloliakos, the leader of Golden Dawn in Greece, states the ruling New Democracy party betrayed then after courting them

– Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo?an accused the international media of working “like spies” to create unrest

– In the Luhansk region in Ukraine, separatists were able to take three bases

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– For communities affected by the World Cup, a “People’s Cup” was formed in Rio de Janiero for any to participate in

Surveillance Planet

A panel discussion on The Real News on how the reveals of the NSA’s vast power is covered in the mainstream media, its importance to the government and its consequences

– A federal prosecutor in Germany opened up a case to know more about the alleged wiretapping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone

– Google announced it will use encryption software with a source code for users

Financial Matters

– A lovely piece about the role of CEOs and why it is dangerous to idolize them

– A new report uncovered Wal-Mart exploited a tax loophole to give $104 million to its executives

– Federal Reserve surveys unveiled a recovering economy in different sectors

– The housing market for the rich in society is doing well. For the rest of the population, not so much.

Labor’s a-Brewing

Protests occurred in 20 cities with Wal-Mart mothers for better pay and living conditions

– Sarah Jaffe: “Walmart’s women can’t save money or live better with wages or hours like this

Politics US

– Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) revealed a new bill for Vermont to create more worker co-operatives; Great news for workers in the state

– The Department of Defense announced it will do more to protect service members from getting unreasonable interest rates from lenders

– As Medea Benjamin and Alli McCracken write, the latest deal by the Obama administration for Bowe Bergdahl shows it can close Guantanamo Bay for good

– Black politicians working in government no longer, as journalist Bruce A. Dixon writes, care about helping their community, but working with major corporations 

– The Supreme Court rejected an appeal to stop same-sex marriages in Oregon

– The U.S. military stated it undergo a “complete review” into the capture of Bowe Bergdahl; Meanwhile, Bergdahl’s town cancels an event to celebrate him as they suspect he deserted his post

– Uh-oh. Officials said 2.2 million Americans have problems on their data with Obamacare and may lose their insurance

– The media, primarily the mainstream U.S. media, fails to report on trans women in a professional way

We Don’t Need No Education

– 6th grade students in Massachusetts demand payments for taking practice versions of the Common Core Standards tests

The Second Sex

– The #YesAllWomen call is not exclusive to women in the U.S. as it has been adopted by women across the globe

– To reduce financial struggle of women, a pay raise along with other benefits could alleviate their troubles

– An insight into the lives of Cambodian women taking low-paying jobs affecting their lives significantly

– With new restrictive abortion laws appearing, there are volunteers helping women receive abortion care

Planet Earth 

An interview with environmental activist Tim DeChristopher on the power of activism, fighting for a change and how the issue of climate change affects everyone

– The job of regulators on the issue of hydrofracking is to ensure companies uphold the law, but they allow companies to make their own laws

– The conflict between capitalism and climate change could best be found in Vietnam where exploitation by the capitalists is happening

– The externalities caused by capitalism allowed for climate change to occur and it does not seem likely it will stop it

Mixed Bag

– Gallup: 21 percent of Americans agree the Bible is the literal word of God

– A new study found it is best to take notes by hand than by laptop as it allows for more understanding of the material

Break Time

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Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.