Former(?) oil company executive Sean Parnell, Sarah Palin’s replacement as Alaska’s governor, got this big oil tax giveaway bill through the legislature last year and passed into law, a law that in essence gives up a big chunk of revenue from Alaska’s oil to the oil companies. (How bad is it? Even Sarah Palin hates it.)

Basically, the oil companies get to keep a lot more money than before from the people’s oil, with no promises of doing anything for Alaskans in return. It’s a straight-up gift from Sean Parnell to his real employers, the oil companies.

Some Alaskans organized a referendum last year to repeal his tax giveaway. It’s the Alaska Oil Tax Cuts Veto Referendum, aka Ballot Measure 1, and it’s on the August 19th primary ballot. As you can imagine, they’re getting slammed on the airwaves. The oil companies are spending over 10 million dollars (and it will be much more than that when it’s all over) to make sure that Alaskans vote “No” on the referendum this August.

However, here’s the good news: As of a PPP poll done last month, the “Yes” side, despite being horrifically outspent, is winning, 45% to 34%.

Another thing: The tax giveaway is Sean Parnell’s signature achievement from his first term. If the Alaskan people repeal that giveaway 2.5 months before the general election in November, then they will also take away a bunch of the wind out of his sails as he seeks re-election in November.
This will be good for Parnell’s Democratic rival, Byron Mallott, if Alaskans can win this.

The catch: They need help to raise money so they can have at least a small presence on the airwaves before the primary.

If a few tens of thousands of people each gave $5 or $10, the “Yes” folks’d have enough money to buy some radio and TV time and run some very hard-hitting ads attacking the oil companies and their misinformation.

Check it out, and pass it along if you feel so moved. Even if you can’t donate, just spreading the word is very helpful. The website is:


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