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Santa Ana city leaders are set to take further steps to place a medical marijuana initiative on the November ballot, after supporters gathered enough signatures last year to force a citywide vote.

The proposal would prohibit the city from banning medical marijuana dispensaries, prevent city police from joining federal raids on pot shops and require that the city allow at least 22 pot shops, with no maximum.

At the same time, city council members will decide whether to create a competing ballot measure that would restrict the city to having no more than eight pot shops, all of which would have to be in industrial areas, and impose a 5 percent additional tax.

Despite Santa Ana’s ban on pot shops, many continue to proliferate the city, earning Santa Ana a ranking as one of America’s “most pot-friendly places.”

At least 50 illegal pot shops operated in Santa Ana as of May 1, according to city officials.
Tuesday’s council meeting officially starts at 5:45 p.m., thought the business portion of the meeting usually doesn’t start for an hour or more after that time.

In other news the Lincoln Club, based in Orange County, well to the Right of Santa Ana announced its opposition to the propose Santa Ana ordinance.

We’re Progressives the Club Claimed:

We’re opposed to the legalization of Marijuana because it proved us with many opportunities to deport illegal Hispanics from Santa Ana at the drop of a hint, and there’s nothing like a little terror to keep the illegals in the place, mowing out lawns, cleaning our houses and washing our cars for a pittance.

When asked about claiming to be progressives, the Club Responded:

We cannot be Republicans in California because the Republican brand is an anathema to the majority of Californians, The Hispanics; Thus we’ve become Democ(R)ats, and we’re Progressive Progressives All Right.

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