Ever thought it’d be nice to inject some real morality into capitalism? As in cases horrendous as blood diamonds, but with other things. The legacies of harm of big Tobacco, for example. Ever wonder why we don’t ask for an end to ‘blood tobacco?’ How can we keep our hands clean? What about for iPhones or coffee, or the things we get through Amazon, CVS or Wal-Mart?

Ever wonder why it is that shareholders make million$ and the shop-room and retail workers get paid minimum wage or far less than that? Ever wanted to see the biggest corporations pay their workers an honest wage,or at least, be accountable and pay for the consequences of their deeds, in sky, land, rivers, lives? We’ve seen how ineffective even huge fines by the courts can be in deterring such misdeeds. There are other ways of letting the right people know and in ways that they might do well to notice.

Appearing last week on ‘Breaking The Set’ w/ Abby Martin on RT, the analyst and founder of standpointresearch.com Ronnie Moas discussed his latest work. This is to blacklist six companies for investors, ranging from Apple, Amazon, Wal-Mart, to McDonald’s, CVS and Starbucks.



Mr Moas was also on with Max Keiser last week, broadcast on 31May. After the 16-minute mark here.

Bringing light to the consequences in which these companies practices continue to effect their workers and the planet, as they happen, he brings a form of transparency to activities that shareholders would rather keep quiet. As Max Keiser notes, everyone has to pay attention to risks.

In the business of watching stocks for many years, and a highly ranked one at that, Mr Moas seems to be bringing a  perspective especially worth noting. A perspective, to a field of view that shareholders at some point, must acknowledge.

You can find out more about Mr Moas and his many campaigns at his website.