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Seven civilians killed in Ukraine air force punitive strike on #Lugansk RSA building.




Su-25 ground attack plane fires missile:

Photos of victims:


Ukraine denies any involvement in this war crime:

“Ukrainian officials killer continue cynical lie that the militias themselves accidentally fired on the RSA building with MANPADS”


Great post from a person in the comments section of the Guardian UK today.  The Guardian has been taking down posts (quite quickly I might add)  that don’t match their falsely driven storyline. It’ s shameful. They are covering up the truth as well.

Here’s the post:

Dear Guardian,

I am disturbed by this story and I think it needs some editing and clarification. You say:

At least two people were killed on Monday in an explosion in Luhansk’s regional administration, one of a string of official buildings occupied by separatists since April.

The rebels insisted a Ukrainian jet had dropped a bomb on their HQ. But video footage suggests the explosion came from inside the building , with a plume of smoke coming from a fourth-floor office and billowing horizontally into the next-door park. Kiev officials said rebels had let off a rocket-propelled grenade by mistake while trying to shoot down the jet.

You include a link under the “video footage suggests the explosion came from inside the building , ….” This links to a Kyiv Post article, which like your story, leads with the fight at the border post. I do not find any videos on that page having to do with the suspected bombing of the administration building in Luhansk. So we’re kind of in the dark as to what Luke Harding’s video evidence is.

I searched on YouTube with “Luhansk jet attack”. I found this from RT: Link: (I hope I did this correctly).

There’s simply no way this could be a single RPG. Please note that we see an explosion on the road between the building and the park. If that’s Mr. Harding’s supposed RPG, what causes all the rest of the smoke in the park BEYOND the hit on the road? It’s simply not credible to say that “video evidence” supports what Mr. Harding says.

Or, show us the evidence he bases his story on.

There’s also this: which is obviously of the Luhansk Administration building and the park across (which we see in the RT video). Again, simply NO WAY a single RPG could have caused this much damage. Note the shredded trees.

This looks an awful lot like a retaliation strike, with no close combat to justify it, in which civilians were killed.

I think The Guardian needs to explain in greater detail what happened, and to provide the video evidence that supports Mr. Harding’s narrative.

Thank you.