The FDL Book Salons are coming up on eight (!) years in July. That is approximately 800 salons and 1600 hours of discussions with authors, hosts, and newsmakers. Sometimes even making the news.

The Book Salons were developed for you, but now you also provide the recommendations as to what you want to discuss, and you direct the trajectory of the salons. Your discussions are what make the salons interesting, important, and a must-read for newsmakers and authors.

The Book Salons / FDL bring you the facts, current events, analysis, newsmakers, authors, and subject matter experts. FDL provides the Progressive Voice. FDL gives whistleblowers a voice. FDL allows open and honest discussions about events and allows the members to voice support for progressive causes.

I’ve been here at FDL for a long time, and I’ve had the honor to work with many outstanding, nationally-recognized journalists on the staff, and with the best members (you) that any site could want. Please help us continue the excellent reporting and analysis of important topics.

The Book Salon / FDL was affected by DDoS attacks, interrupting the Progressive discussion.

DDoS attacks are taking away your ability to get the facts
DDoS attacks are attempting to silence the Progressive Voice
DDoS attacks are attacking your 1st Amendment right to discuss what is on your mind in public

Recently the DDoS attacks prevented the discussion in the Salons about the failing middle class, the poor, the homeless, how lives are destroyed by inequality, the economy, and the lack of jobs – also about drone technology, US drone policy, the killing of “enemies of the State” and US citizens.

We need your help, financial assistance, to keep FDL open for your Voice and all Progressive Voices. Please give what you can.

What do you get out of the Salons and FDL? What is on your mind?
Let’s discuss.