Bibi is relentless in his Zionist pursuits…

Netanyahu to settlers: I’m fighting for you, but there are international constraints

Netanyahu tells settler leaders he is their ‘greatest defender,’ but his hands are tied by ‘international’ considerations.

Leaders of the Yesha Council of settlements met Wednesday evening with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and asked him to bring an end to the months-long freeze on planning, construction, and marketing of West Bank and East Jerusalem housing.

The ever-vile FM Avigdor Lieberman… Regard settlements as ‘legal under international law’

On the other side of the ledger… Palestinians scoop Israel with pope at wall image

And, finally Fatah and Hamas seem to be truly getting their sh*t together… Palestinian unity government to be announced in the middle of this week

So naturally… Kerry: Israel’s reaction to Fatah-Hamas unity talks ‘appropriate’ US secretary of state says Jerusalem’s wait-and-see approach to formation of Palestinian reconciliation government is “appropriate.”

Wait and See‘ my arse…! Abbas: Israel has told us if we form a govt they will boycott PA

Basically, it boils down to…Israel Vows to Blame Abbas for Everything Hamas Does Now And punish both Fatah and Hamas at the same time, total win-win for Bibi…!

On a side note, good old DiFi doing what she does best… Feinstein Takes Trust But Verify Approach on Israeli Spying How much more verification do you need that they’re the worst perpetrators…?

*Bonus points to those that watch Max Blumenthal debating Prof. Mira Sucharov in Toronto… Public Record – Can Israel Exist as both Jewish and Democratic?

Moving next-door…

To be clear, Sisi’s sole ‘opponent’… Sabbahi concedes defeat in Egypt presidential election

Funny thing tho… Egypt presidential vote flawed, international observers say And, always be careful of what ya wish for… In Egypt, a pyrrhic landslide victory

From the Beeb… Abdul Fattah al-Sisi – in 60 seconds

From an ex-Israeli Ambassador to Cairo

Former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt Zvi Mazel said on Saturday that the elected Egyptian President Abdul-Fattah Al-Sisi is expected to face many difficulties in reviving Egypt’s economy, General Israeli Radio reported.

Mazel pointed out the dangerous economic problems currently facing Egypt caused by the high birth rate.

“It will be difficult for Al-Sisi to move practically towards reviving the economy if the West ignore him,” Mazel said.

He did not rule out that the Egyptian people would take to the streets should Al-Sisi pursue authoritarian measures.

The former Israeli diplomat expected that Al-Sisi would protect the peace treaty with Israel.

Well, la-di-da… Egypt’s police kill four pro-Morsi supporters in Cairo unrest And… One killed in Cairo bomb blast

Now, we need to keep an eye on Al-Sisi and his new next-door neighbor… CIA-linked rogue general stirs three-front militia war in Libya And… Libyan renegade General to follow in Al-Sisi’s footsteps They seem to be the Best of Buds, eh…?

Funny how we suddenly have a thousand jarheads stationed right off-shore in Tripoli, eh…?

Moving along to the House of Saud…

Apparently, they just love their wimmens… Saudi Arabia bans women from working from 11 PM to 9 AM

Now, to be honest, I’m actually surprised that the Beeb has taken such a sudden interest in the House of Saud lately…Shia voice discontent at Saudi Arabia’s ruling Sunni And…

Reporting Saudi Arabia’s hidden uprising

Provocative acts

The protesters have meticulously documented their actions in an effort to get their message out.

They have also engaged in highly provocative acts against the state, such as ripping and burning a poster showing the king’s face – an act that would be unthinkable to many Saudis.

I met dozens of protesters in secret gatherings. It became clear there were no unified demands, but all wanted to see sweeping reforms.

Though Qatif is oil-rich, Shia activists say its residents have long been marginalised politically and economically.

One morning in February last year I got a message that security forces had raided the houses of two wanted activists, Fadhil al-Safwani and Morsi al-Ribh, in the flashpoint town of Awamiya, but they had managed to escape.

Awamiya was encircled with checkpoints, but I managed to sneak in with a camera. Neither activist had risked speaking to the media before, but now they were determined to tell their story…

I’ll be keeping an eyeball on Safa’s intrepid efforts…! God speed, Safa…!

Anyways, moving along to Syria…

We’ll even provide it…! Syrian Rebels Describe U.S.-Backed Training in Qatar Or in Iraq, Jordan, KSA, Turkey, ad nauseum…!

Meanwhile, there was some very robust Presidential elections happening, unlike Egypt’s tepid turnout…!

For example… Huge turnout for Syrian vote in Lebanon

More… In show of support for Assad, Syrian expatriates vote in Lebanon

Interestingly, it seems that some sense of sanity has descended upon the US House, of all places…!

House Defense bill limits aid to Syrian rebels

House appropriators unveiled a $570 billion Defense spending bill on May 29 that prohibits the Barack Obama administration from drastically expanding its assistance to the Syrian opposition without first getting Congress to sign off.

Moving along to Erdo?an and his repressive Turkish regime…

An ‘A to Z’ approach to the Gezi Park protestors, my goodness, why does that sound so familiar…?

I was bemused by his latest pre-emptive salvo…

Turkey’s Erdogan says foes may leak video in bid to smear him

“I have just found out that Pennsylvania is preparing a nice movie about me. They are preparing a nice movie about me and my family,” Erdogan told thousands of his supporters in the rally, ahead of a re-run of a municipal election in Agri on Sunday.

Erdogan is widely expected to run in Turkey’s first direct presidential election in August and he suggested the release of such a video was designed to embarrass him ahead of the vote.

“These plots have always failed, and they will fail. Now they are calculating on getting the movie ready before the presidential elections,” he said.

Ironically, he’s right, in that I’m positive that Gulen’s CIA goons have some excellent A/V snippets available…!

In wrapping up, this little bombshell should prove interesting, something to keep an eye peeled on…!

Glenn Greenwald: NSA documents on Middle East to be disclosed

Numerous documents focusing on partnerships and surveillance tactics between America’s National Security Agency and regional security apparatus’ in the Middle East, especially the Gulf region, will be released soon, according to the journalist leading the reporting on the explosive NSA leaks.

Stayed tuned…!