In today’s news we hear there has been a 5th arrest and indictment related to the Boston Marathon Bombings.  (Thank you All4Jahar@facebook).  According to the WCVB  report  Khairullozhon Matanov has been arrested for deleting items from his computer and lying to the terrorism investigators.  (These are, of course, my own words, feel free to read the indictment wordage for the actual details.)  Matanov is also accused of deleting files that contained violent content.  Unfortunately, I fear Matanov’s real crimes are having been acquainted with the Tsarnaevs and panicking by destroying “evidence” when he found how much trouble the Tsarnaevs were in.  Sounds like more poor choices, similar to Dzhokhar’s three friends who are in enough hot water of their own.

This kind of news and sensationalism from the msm and le compels me to slow down and think about one young man still behind bars, waiting for the day he is able to tell his side of the story.  I still feel Dzhokhar has the right to tell his story.  However, he has been portrayed as something less than human and there are many that want that villainous perspective to be burned into our brains until we can see nothing else.

When I first heard the story about one nurse telling another not to call Dzhokhar “Hon,” it made me nauseous.  I could not believe a nurse would actually alter her healing methods and treat Dzhokhar like the Devil because of what someone said he might have done.  And to make it worse they, of course, released this information to the media.

The Rolling Stone article and the subsequent release of Murphy’s capture photos were quite the media frenzy.   I just never felt the Rolling Stone cover and article glamorized Dzhokhar.  Sure the selfie photo that they used for the cover shows a teenager with an errogant look on his face.  But thats all it is.  The article does nothing to support the “glamorous” cover photo.  It actually does quite the opposite.   I fear most people were just too narrow minded and full of hate to actually open the magazine and read the article.  And it was this simpleton hatred that caused Murphy to retaliate and “leak” his photos.  His move was childish and weak IMO.

The 30-count indictment appears to throw the book at Dzhokhar.  The prosecution listed as many charges as they could possibly find or make up.  For one example, Count 3:  Possession and Use of a Firearm During and in Relation to a Crime of Violence Resulting in Death…  Ok, he is accused of carrying and using the 9mm handgun during the Watertown shootout on April 18th, which is related to the Boston Marathon Bombings on April 15th, which resulted in the death of Krystle Campbell (this count only).  Oh, and the handgun is also considered a destructive device in this count (paragraph 47).  Was this count really necessary?  Were 30 counts really necessary?  I’m thinking there were two basic reasons for such a lengthy indictment.  The prosecution needed as many counts as possible in case they had trouble proving their case.  The prosecution also wanted to demonize Dzhokhar by telling the public, “Here are ALL the bad things he has done.”

Why is it that, although not convicted, Dzhokhar is being treated like a terrorist and held in a military style prison with restricting SAMs?  It’s true that some of the measures are for his own protection.  I don’t believe there are the SAM’s because  he’s been charged with use of weapons of mass destruction.  So was Timothy Mcveigh.  Is it because Dzhokhar allegedly killed 3 people at the marathon?  Not that either, McVeigh killed over 160.  It’s because Dzhokhar is Muslim.  Oh there’s the “M” word again.  Since the 9/11 tragedies, unfortunately, if you have dark hair and even slightly follow Islam, you must be a terrorist.

Then there’s always Dzhokhar’s Twitter history, his disfigured face that was labeled a “smirk,” his conversations with his family, his college friends, and so on and so on.  Yes these all make Dzhokhar a real demon.

The prosecution and law enforcement need to show Dzhokhar as a demon.  They feed on the hatred of the public.  It is from this public that jurors will be drawn.  These jurors must go to trial with hatred in their hearts if the case against Dzhokhar is to be successful and the prosecution, le and msm are working very hard to make sure this hatred remains strong.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has always been human and the efforts to demonize him continue to be in vain in my eyes.  I say let’s look at him like the human being and U.S. citizen that he is and treat him as such.