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Of Course, I’m “nuts”

Of Course, I’m “nuts”

With considerable self-restraint, I have held hard to my firm belief that any existing “critique” and where this “critique” advocates for the termination of employment for General Shinseki should be the full-throated voice of all veteran services organizations or VSOs. And from all this and long before the Unassailable Facts have been delivered to the General Public, “politics” must prevail and consequently, a distraction and deflection “agenda”  must not be recognized or even acknowledged emanating from the Right.

In contrast, the Republican Ranking Member of the Senate Veterans Committee, Senator Burr is becoming increasing upset that the VSOs are not following ‘his lead’ in this overall Republican-oriented effort for Shinseki’s immediate firing as Secretary of the Veterans Administration.  Of course, Burr’s overall effort harkens back to the Bush/Cheney administration in which General Shinseki told both President Bush and Congress that our invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq would be far most costly than anyone could imagine, and in this, Shinseki was “unassailably” correct.  Thus, this obvious political animosity directed at Shinseki continues to this day.


Part Two:  Of Course, I’m “nuts”

Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah is incensed and therefore, will introduce a Constitutional Amendment that will “protect religious liberty” of America’s religious communities, even when some of these religious communities disagree with the twisted logic for “religious liberty.”  Of  course, Senator Hatch is speaking  to his obvious distrust of the conservative SCOTUS for failing to uphold the appeal of the Hobby Lobby business entity for exempting itself from having to incur any presumed costs associated with their employees and related medical costs associated with “birth control.”

In contrast, I am not a “decision-maker” other than at the ballot box, and thusly Senator Hatch holds ‘himself harmless” since I am not from Utah.  And equally important and much to his dismay, he doesn’t “see” me as harmless but does see me as “nuts” for opposing any constitutional amendment that is all about more discrimination in our Nation, despite his inherent rubric for “religious liberty.” 

In any event, I should be thankful that Senator Hatch calls me “nuts.”  He could have called me out with the ironic rhetorical flourishes from the Right that include the silly metaphors for the fascist, the Marxist, the nationalist, and that’s just for starters.


Note:  Originally posted on the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization


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