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May Maya Angelou rest in peace. Here is a worthy article about her.

International Politics


– With the latest natural gas deal between China and Russia, it shows how important economics is when it comes to being the supreme superpower

– President Obama: I will continue to use drone strikes and use operations against suspected terrorists; So nothing changed! Yeah! Clinton/Biden 2016!

– UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon states Syria will not be able to eliminate all of its chemical weapons by June 30

A report out of the UN stated al Qaeda’s recruitment of foreign fighters is now expanding throughout the world

Middle East

– Sure President Obama will reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan. But more defense contractors will be going there.

– President Hamid Karzai said he supports the latest U.S. plan on removing troops in Afghanistan by 2016

At least 29 people were killed and a number of others wounded in Iraq as a result of attacks


– Juan Cole: “Egypt: Passive Aggression and Counter-revolution: Voters, Youth Stay Home

– The U.S. African Command or AFRICOM uses its propaganda through journalists interested in helping advance the imperialistic goals of the U.S.

– An election observer group stated Egypt’s extension of a day for the presidential vote is questionable

– After some of the kidnapped girls escaped, it is assumed 219 girls remain held by Boko Haram

– Glen Ford: “Boko Haram a Blessing for Imperialism in Africa: U.S. Training Death Squads

Asia and Oceania

– China told its banks to stop using IBM servers, they believe it could be used by others for espionage


– After the presidential election in Ukraine, the eastern part of the country saw a rise in violence

– In Donetsk, 300 miners rallied in support of the pro-Russian separatists and against the junta in Kiev

– With new nationalist parties usurping traditional left parties in the EU, it is expected they will follow with austerity with their own nationalistic agenda

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– The Deputy Sports Minister in Brazil said the country will “surprise” the world with the World Cup

– Subcomandante Marcos: “Between Light and Shadow” His final piece

– Newly released documents find the U.S. planning to overthrow Salvador Allende even before the 1970 presidential election; A bunch of capitalist war criminals they are

– Vigilante groups in Mexico call for more self-defense groups to form against the cartels

Surveillance Planet

– The passage of the USA Freedom Act in the House shows weak legislation addressing outrageous surveillance programs is considered a strong effort

– Natasha Lennard: “John Kerry’s Latest Snowden Comments Are Moronic, Offensive, and Dangerous.” Kevin Gosztola has more.

– An adviser to Edward Snowden says he will probably not go back to the U.S. unless a negotiated settlement is made; So never I assume

– In an interview with NBC News’ Brian Williams, Edward Snowden states he was trained by the U.S. government to be a spy; I fear other publications will frame this as “See! I told you he was a spy!”

Financial Matters

Part six of eight with Costas Lapavitsas on how financial institutions spend a good portion of their money to get politicians on their side

– The gig economy, pushed forth like it’s 1849 in California, is not what it seems and is worse than you could imagine

– In what could be the future of The New York Times with Dean Baquet, an important story about private equity fee abuses was buried on the weekend edition

– Two University of London professors explain to The Real News how the recent results in the EU election show the consequences of austerity economics

– Banks in the U.S. are reporting for the first quarter their earnings dropped by 7.7 percent

Labor’s a-Brewing

– An insightful article about how the jobs miners have is a very dangerous one 

Politics US

Washington USA

– An aid for President Obama and leader of a pro-Hillary Clinton Super PAC is now overseas helping out Prime Minister David Cameron, a conservative hack in the UK

– Defense secretary Chuck Hagel, after the Army medical center chief was removed, ordered a review of the U.S. military health care system

– An internal U.S. government report found military veterans waited, on average, 115 days for an appointment

– The doctrine of war by President Obama today is the closest to showing what he believes in

– President Obama told his Homeland Security chief to halt a review on U.S. deportation policies until the end of the summer to get immigration reform in Congress

– The House of Representatives approved a bill to sanction Venezuela over alleged human rights abuses 

Anytown USA

– Gallup: 42 percent of Americans say being gay or lesbian is something people are born with compared to 37 percent who say it is environmental

– A disturbing look into the way police officers go after black children, which they perceive to be adults

– Pew: A century ago, German immigrants were largest group comiong to the U.S., while it is Mexican immigrants today; California had the most immigrants in both 1910 as well as today

– A new survey found hackers are “winning” as their cyberattacks have private and public leaders failing to stop breaches

We Don’t Need No Education

– A year after Chicago closed down 50 public schools, a new study found the money promised to go to the other schools did not happen as only a little went to public schools but a lot to charter schools

Top Gun (Stories)

– In the past few years, the people behind the mass shootings were men who went to places where they felt the most pain

– Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago, Ill. introduced new changes to curb the sales of guns and reduce gun violence in the city

– A short, yet powerful piece about the sensationalism the media creates with its narrative about mass shootings

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Control of the food supply is concentrated in a very small number of companies, which begs the question as to how significant the effects of this are. The answer? Very.

– The CDC states the first report of the MERS virus was actually a misdiagnosis 

– A farmer in Indiana says his pig farm was re-infected with the horrific pig virus, which is the first public confirmation of a relapse, the virus is killing 10 percent of the pig population in the U.S.

– Research found 2.1 billion people, or 30 percent, throughout the world are either obese or overweight

The Second Sex

– A disturbing look into a community of men who loathe the rights of women and act primitively

– Jessica Valenti: “#YesAllWomen reveals the constant barrage of sexism that women face

Planet Earth 

– In Montana, a hybrid of trout species in the rivers there threatens the native trout. What caused this? Climate change.

A new report found one trillion pieces of plastic will be released when the ice in the Arctic melts

A state report said it could not tie the drilling in Texas to the water contamination

Mixed Bag

– ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens

Break Time

And Still I Rise

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.