The real truth of Obama’s foreign policy thus far….

1) Human heart and a touch of chianti with some Al Qaeda/Saudi friends.

2) Some smokey human flesh with his Ukrainian neo-nazi compatriots.

3) A little charred Yemeni US citizen teen with a few friendly drone operators.

4) Some mass execution with his off again/ on again Egyptian money men.

5) Just a hint of sodomized deceased Libyan leader after an orchestrated NATO bombing campaign.

6) A well obliterated wedding party or two with his Afghan warlords.

7) Lots of allies/enemies across the Middle East stoning and disfiguring their own women after their countries have gotten in bed with Mr. Obama.

8) Ah, let’s not forget those lovely Baghdad barbecues. Mr. Obama and his friends seem to have those nonstop nowadays.

So yes it’s a complete success story. Especially if you consider burning human flesh the sweet smell of success!