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As Jane notes, Firedoglake has been around now for nearly ten years. I’ve been hanging around myself for at least 8 years and recall the days of “Zed!” and “Frist!” (ya probably had to be there). I’ve built ziggurats in the comments and I’ve been EPU’d.

I am at Firedoglake for the simple reason that I believe in Firedoglake. FDL does provide independent journalism and questions all sides of the political spectrum. If an action was bad when it was being done by the Bush Administration, it is just as bad when it is being done by the Obama Administration.

What do you get from Firedoglake when you visit? Do you come to read the calls to action from Jane and others at FDL Action? Do you follow Jon Walker and the latest Election or Marijuana legalization news? Some people like to know how technology news is effecting them through Bytegeist while others look to find the latest with the Justice for All movement. There’s plenty of general News and analysis each day as well as pointed stories from Kevin Gosztola and others pointing out where the emperor has no clothes. Arts and Culture shows us that there is a serious side to the Arts no matter how much some people might try to denigrate artists being politically active and aware. And MyFDL gives you and everyone else an opportunity to provide your 2¢ on just about any topic. Last but not least, you might follow the wonderful weekly Book Salons that are most Saturday and Sundays from 5PM to 7PM Eastern time. Organized by Bev Wright, the topics of the books cover the entire range of topics covered by folks at Firedoglake and partners.

If you ever wonder if FDL is effective in calls for protests, advocacy for Chelsea Manning, John Kiriakou, and Edward Snowden, Support for Occupy, Marijuana Legalization, and Equality for all, the events of the past week with the DDoS attacks should answer that question. If FDL were not effective in calling for protests, raising awareness of the abhorrent treatment of whistleblowers, income inequality, and all the other issues brought to light here, there would be no need for Firedoglake to endure these type of DDoS attacks. The fact that they ARE occurring proves that Firedoglake is effective.

The unfortunate downside to that effectiveness and the attacks though is the cost to Firedoglake to overcome the attacks and keep things up and running so we can continue to report and call for action. Can you donate to help keep us up and running? It can be a one-time donation or a recurring monthly donation but either way, we need the support. Think of the news and analysis you receive from Firedoglake that is not available anywhere else. Think of the integrity and independence that Firedoglake provides.

Please help us keep the lights on.

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