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Hey folks, it’s Memorial Day today. Let us remember the soldiers who fought in the incessant wars in history.

International Politics


– A court in Turkey ordered the arrest of Israeli commandos who were involved with the 2010 Gaza flotilla raid

– After the victory of Ukrainian oligarch Petro Poroshenko in the elections, Russia said they were ready to continue talks

Middle East

– In Iraq, the Christian Endowment stated Christians in Iraq were not allowed to go to Israel to follow Pope Francis for fear of Muslim militants

– Natasha Lennard: “With or Without WikiLeaks’ NSA Revelation, Violence Reigns in Afghanistan

– Mortar fire in Falluja, Iraq left seven people killed and injured 20 others


– Ever since the #BringBackOurGirls first was made in response to the kidnapping, Boko Haram launched numerous offensives in Nigeria with nothing to show they will stop

– Journalist Patrick Cockburn provides compelling analysis on the situation in Libya and how the recent coup by General Hifter is just the first part of something bigger to come

– The Nigerian military report they know the whereabouts of the kidnapped girls, but ruled out force since it could jeopardize their lives

Asia and Oceania

– Both China and South Korea agreed the nuclear ambition of North Korea was troublesome and should be avoided to ensure peace in Asia

– In Xinjiang, China, police there, according to state-media, broke up 23 extremist groups and detained 200 people

– In response to Vietnam’s claims to disputes islands in the South China Sea, China said it was “ridiculous”

At least 40 people were killed when an express train collided into a freight train in northern India

– At the swearing-in of reactionary Narendra Modi, elites from not only India but also in Asia came to watch

– The leader of the coup in Thailand warned people in the country not to protest as it would do nothing but cause more strife


– After the gains by the far-right in Europe, French President Francois Hollande called for reforms to the European Union

– Uh-oh. The Ukrainian government launched air strikes against gunmen in the east occupying an airport; President-elect Petro Poroshenko calls for “calm

– In Turkey, police detained 15 people in raids in Istanbul for participating in clashes where two people died

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– Despite right-wing candidate Oscar Ivan Zuluaga edging out incumbent President Juan Manuel Santos, the Colombian elections will go into a run-off

– Venezuela announces it will pay a part of the $4 billion it owes to airline companies and could allow them to raise airfares

Surveillance Planet

– Emptywheel: “USA Freedumber Will Not Get Better in the “Prosecutors” Committee

Recently uncovered documents show authorities and agencies monitoring activists in Occupy

Financial Matters

– The recent deal with Credit Suisse bank over its crimes sent a clear message to other banks: We won’t be tough on you, but we will for show

– Dean Baker: “The Wall Street Pension Scam

– In response to Financial Times criticism of his book, economist Thomas Piketty said it was dishonest

– A new report fund Tunisia is experiencing a high rate of unemployment that rivals that in 2011

– With the “March Against Monsanto” protest occurring last Saturday, it is helpful to review this company’s dark history and its current ventures in the neo-liberal globalized economy

Labor’s a-Brewing

– Two more baseball teams in the MLB are under federal investigation for wage violations with their interns

– Workers in rural areas in Chile still suffer from poverty and terrible conditions despite giving companies major money off their labor

Politics US

Washington USA

– With Memorial Day here, it is shameful to have the current VA problem exposed for what it is for our veterans. Yet this is a problem that goes back many decades

– The White House plays damage control after accidentally releasing the name of a covert CIA agent in Afghanistan

Anytown USA

– For any leftist movement to grow, we cannot look to a leader to help us get there. We are our own leaders and have the resources to build a movement.

– Chris Hedges: “Thomas Paine, Our Contemporary

– Michael Albert, co-founder of Z Magazine, pens a piece on some questions about First Look Media that concerns him as much as he finds Greenwald and co. to be great in their line of work

– Prosecutors in New York showed how Hector Xavier Monsegur aka Sabu was able to help in a number of cyber attacks on behalf of the U.S. government

We Don’t Need No Education

– As university presidents continue to make money, it is telling how workers—from professors to employees to students—still suffer from the lack of investment

Top Gun (Stories)

– Following last Friday’s gruesome attack in Santa Barbara, Calif., this could be a case of an exclusive atrocity present in Western society. Considering the growing frequency of attacks rarely, if not non-existent, in other societies, particular factors in the West allow such shootings to occur.

– A parent of a victim of the Isla Vista shooting called for stricter gun control and sharply denounced the government and groups like the NRA for doing nothing

– Hours after the Isla Vista shooting, a man in Stockton, Calif. fired shots at three women for refusing to have sex with him. None were injured.

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Salon interviews Vietnam veteran and author Jerry Lembcke about the myths around Vietnam veterans, history of anti-war veterans in history and what is needed to discuss war in general

– At home, the consequences of warfare can affect families, friends and others as PTSD is just one example of this

– With the USDA implementing new changes that will end up increasing line speeds in poultry factories, it may end up injuring workers as well as unsafe chicken

– With two more deaths at Rikers Island in New York, the treatment of the mentally ill there is questioned

The Second Sex

– A great question from this article on why, with the lack of progress on rape cases in colleges, these colleges are in charge in the first place

– The latest shooting in Isla Vista represents something journalist Laurie Penny calls misogynist extremism. Furthermore, such extremism is denied time and time again, but it will have to be viewed as real in our society.

– Vox has eight facts on violence committed against women in the U.S. from murders to sexual assault

Planet Earth 

– Suren Gazaryan talks with Salon about Russia’s disastrous environmental policies, the effects of the Sochi games on the environment and being exiled from Russia

– There is merit, when talking about climate change, to discussing abolition of nuclear weapons since, if they are detonated, would cause major changes in our world

– What happened in West Virginia with their spill is not as much an accident as it is a consequence of the federal government’s lax policies

– El Niño, the weather phenomenon affecting the globe, is more complex than originally thought with new research showing its effects on both hot and cold temperatures

Mixed Bag

– “Date Rapist Tossing His Mortarboard Into Air 3 Rows In Front Of You

– With the recent 4-1 victory in the UEFA Champions League final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, it is worth discussing the excessive cash in not only both of these clubs, but in the sport itself.

Break Time

The Dogs of War

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.