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Happy Memorial Day to all!

Fukushima Update:

50% Jump in thyroid cancers in Fukushima children. Yet it is still “difficult to determine that a causal link existed between the children’s cancers and the triple meltdown at the nuclear plant.

They have began dumping groundwater into the Ocean, rather than storing it. It is hot water, but they intercept it before it hits the plant site. The radioactivity comes from whatever was spewed about, not the cores. So in theory, it’s what is reaching the ocean from other places anyway.

Even so, their “ice wall” plan to contain the really hot groundwater is hitting objections.  If you build a wall to hold water, the dirt inside the wall will keep getting muddier and eventually your foundations may shift. Or it will simply become saturated and the water will flow over the surface about the wall.

Scary reports from early on in the disaster. There were fears that the #3 RPV would simply break prior to the different explosion. And 90% of the workers ran away when it was felt that the #2 RPV was breached.  Makes the actions of the unnamed Fukushima 50  that much more heroic.

WIPP Update:

It is revealed that WEAPONS GRADE plutonium is stored there!  Further, the cat litter was a nasty trick to break another rule. WIPP is not allowed to accept liquid waste, so the kitty litter was used to turn it into solid waste.

Remember last week when I guessed that probably 50 or so drums were time bombs? Well, the actual number is over 500! And not all are “safely” at WIPP. We spend billions trying to stop terrorists from making dirty bombs, yet we are unable to deal with the ones we made ourselves.

WIPP may have to be closed permanently. It’s an open question if the bombs can even be disarmed, never mind safely.

Calls for more oversight. Yeah, right. If you’ve been following, you are aware of some of the tricks used to avoid the existing regulations. H/T to Bgrothus.

We spotted a supernova! These give us all kinds of information, and this one was a big one.

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