As the grills across the neighborhood fire up, we can smell the enticing odors of outdoor cooking.

Here we are at Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of the summer outdoor grilling season.

What type of griller are you? Do you prefer a gas grill, electric, or charcoal? Do you keep your old grill cleaned and carry over from last year or do you buy a new one each summer? I’m sure you gas people tend to keep the same machine for multiple years while us charcoal people may not always be as good as we should be at keeping the old grill in good repair.

Do you have special cooking utensils for the grill or do you use your regular kitchen utensils. Somewhere in storage, I have an outdoor set my friend John gave me for my birthday a few years ago. I’m sure it needs some cleaning but it was one of those sets with a case(!) and included tongs, flipper, fork, corn skewers as well as kebob/rotisserie skewers. The tongs were a little unwieldy but the flipper is nice and long and allows me to stand back from the higher heat. All the handles are wood as well, so they are a little easier to grab than the plastic of so many kitchen utensils these days.

Do you have a grilling specialty? If I had to make a claim for myself, it would be for a steak. I have just enough patience at the grill to let a good T-bone or New York Strip make it to medium rare. I like my hamburgers well done but it takes some time on the grill to get them well done without turning them into meat based charcoal briquets.

Do you do your veggies on the grill? I occasionally do a ‘baked’ potato or corn on the cob. If I make the occasional kebob, then I will have some oan-yoan, green bell pepper, mushroom and maybe a bit of pineapple along with the meat or chicken for the kebob. I know a lot of folks will grill all sorts of different veggies beyond the few I have just named.

Are you one of the folks who might stand outside year round to grill? Or maybe move the grill over to the door so you can do the quick open and close when the winter wind is blowing the snow all around?

Whatever or however you do it, we are now at the time when we can smell the grills going in the neighborhood and the enticing odors of outdoor cooking will be with us for the next few months.

Picture from Ginny licensed under Creative Commons



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