This video from Democracy Now! and Truthout shows what Francisco Tapia and the students are willing to do to bring about justice in the Chilean educational system.

What he and the others did was definitely NOT playing by the rules. They did away with $500 million worth of student debt. Just burned the paperwork knowing any backups were unattainable.

“It is a concrete fact that the papers were burned. They are gone, burned completely, and there’s no debt,” said Papas Fritas in his first U.S. broadcast interview. “Since these papers don’t exist anymore, there’s no way to charge the students.”

The civil rights workers and protesters did not play by the rules.

The anti-Vietnam war protesters did not play by the rules.

Why? Because they all knew that playing by the rules would get them nothing. nadda, zip, squat.

Why then is it that today’s left – progressives, liberals, etc. – insist on playing by the rules?

Especially since the elites make the rules and the rules state that The elites and fascist right and religious ding-bats always win and every one else loses.

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Oxdown Diaries