Col. Pat Lang penned an excellent retort to Oren’s brazen attempt to whitewash the IDF…

IDF marksman caught on tape in teenagers deaths

They do this kind of thing. The IDF can usually simply deny the event because it is not recorded and they feel free to lie to the world. After all, these are just Palestinians.

I witnessed a similar event in Bethlehem about 15 years ago. Three Palestinian teenagers were killed that day when Israeli troops opened fire with ball ammunition from a sandbagged position at Rachel’s tomb. (It is now permanently fortified) Having tried to administer CPR to one of the boys I can certify that he was shot through the thorax with a rifle. I happened to be on the scene shopping. The boys had been throwing rocks at the soldiers. There were about 15 wounded. They had been hit with super-caliber riot control munitions and had broken bones.

They got caught this time because CNN had a camera crew in this town for Naqba Day “festivities” outside Ofer Prison. The CNN camera man caught an Israeli soldier on the wall of the prison firing what looks like an M-4 carbine at the demonstrators. Michael Oren, the former Israeli ambassador in Washington claimed yesterday on “Wolf” that no ball (live fire) ammunition was used but the father of the boy hit from in front had a bullet that he said went through his son’s chest, through his backpack and a book inside and was found in the pack. It looked like 5.56 mm. to me. It was not noticeably deformed. That would be the case with steel jacketed military ammunition.

Oren suggested that the Palestinians staged all this to make Israel look bad. pl

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Moving along to Egypt and Al-Sisi…

While Al-Sisi is sure to be elected as… Campaigning ends in Egypt’s presidential race

Of which…Egyptian writer claims state agencies run Sisi’s presidential campaign

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Now, looking at Libya and Haftar…

Libya: Who’s Fighting Whom and Why?

Haftar: Military operations include handing over Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders

Libya: CIA’s Haftar Giving It Another Try

Renegade Libya general warns Libya has become terror hub Haftar calls for sweeping reforms to end political crisis as US says is ready to help organise new elections in Libya.

More US Intervention in Libya?

Moving on to Turkey and Erdo?an…

Erdo?an is getting mighty desperate…

Turkey reshuffles governors in 31 provinces

The Turkish government has carried out major governors reshuffle which included 31 provinces, according to the official Gazette on Friday.

The governors were replaced in 19 provinces including Adana, Afyonkarahisar, Ardahan, Bartin, Batman, Burdur, Edirne, Gumushane, Hakkari, Kars, Kastamonu, Manisa, Mardin, Ordu, Rize, Sakarya, Siirt, Tokat and Tunceli.

The governors of another 12 provinces have been assigned to serve in the headquarters in Ankara. The decree was published in the official Gazette on Friday.

Adana Governor Huseyin Avni Cos was reassigned to Sakarya province in western Turkey, according to the reshuffle. Abdurrahman Savas, governor of Manisa, where a mining disaster last week claimed lives of 301 workers in Soma town, was moved to the headquarters.

The latest governor assignments are the first major reshuffle after Interior Minister Efkan Ala assumed his current post on January after three ministers resigned over a corruption and bribery probe.

From HRW… Dispatches: Stoking the Politics of Enmity in Turkey

In wrapping up…