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Hey folks, it’s Friday! I’m done with classes until August so I’ll be giving more attention to the Roundup.

International Politics


– Vladimir Putin: We will recognize the elections in Ukraine, but we do not stand for the coup generated by the West

– The Pentagon stated they have seen a small number of Russian troops pulled from the Ukrainian border

– Former Polish president and Solidarity founder Lech Walesa declared the U.S. is not upholding its active role in the world

– The annexation of Crimea may have not been a move by Putin but a misstep by the West and energy market elites

– The Western-style democratic system is a sham featuring death, destruction, primitive accumulation, privatization and more. No wonder it’s popular among elites

Middle East

– Juan Cole: “Pope Francis to call for Sovereign, Independent Palestinian State from Bethlehem

– Syrian rebels shelled Assad supporters in the southern part of Syria, killing 21

– The only hospital located in Falluja, Iraq is running out of essential supplies and much-needed staff as only three doctors and six nurses remain

– Sure the U.S. military is out of Iraq, but U.S. corporations like ExxonMobil are still in the country accumulating so much cash, thanks to the occupying force


– While the West continues to talk about Boko Haram in the most cliché way on the topic of contemporary terrorism, there is still a lot to talk about on its rise in Nigeria based on the history of the country

– The retired renegade general in Libya, who was trained by the CIA decades ago, says he will continue to fight until militants in the country are gone

Oxdown Diaries

Oxdown Diaries