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Hello all! Yesterday was Malcolm X’ birthday! Here is a quote from him: “Usually, when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.

International Politics


– In serious allegations, the U.S. Justice Department indicted five Chinese military officers with stealing data from both U.S. companies and unions as China called the indictment “ridiculous

– As Russia and the West continue their chess game in Ukraine, another place of importance to both the U.S. and Russia is Latin America.

– If the suggestion of incorporating Russia into NATO is brought up to elites, then it is rejected for threatening the leadership of the U.S. in NATO

Middle East

Part five of five with Ali Abunimah on how Israeli supremacy over the Palestinians should be ended immediately

– With Mousa Abu Marzouk return to be a leader in Hamas in Palestine, it shows Egypt wishes to be a player in Israel

– Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had his Shiite-led party get first in the parliamentary elections


– Ajamu Baraka, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, asserts the 2011 NATO-led invasion of Libya augmented the strength of Boko Haram and the tragedy in Nigeria of the kidnapped girls is considered a chance for the U.S. to increase its presence

– Juan Cole: “Second Libyan Upheaval, this Time Against Political Islam, Extremist Militias

– An air base east in Libya decided to join up with a renegade general, which further made Libya instable

– Officials in Kenyan stated militants from Somalia killed 12 people in an ambush as al-Shabab took responsibility for the attack

Asia and Oceania

– To protect the caretaker government, the army in Thailand announced marital law for temporary time to prevent more anti-government protests

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.