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I am so happy that I was apparently causing so much trouble for the Pentagon and the Small Business Administration (SBA) that I warranted one of the Pentagon’s most experienced PR hit men to try and shut me up. I must be doing something right if I get the same guy that ran the Defense Intelligence Agency’s smear campaign against the Able Danger 9/11 whistleblowers. I just discovered the other day that the man that ran the top secret Able Danger operation has even done some of the same TV news shows that I have done like RT’s Breaking The Set.

In April 2013 Terry Sutherland/Commander Cover-Up left his position as Director of Corporate Communications at the Pentagon Force Protection Agency and quietly took over the SBA Press Office. That’s not unusual is it? A retired naval commander with 20 years of experience as a spokesman for the largest federal agency in Washington suddenly pops up at the smallest agency in Washington to take control of their press office? I mean what could possibly be so important at the little old SBA that would require the services of Commander Cover-Up? It’s not like billions of dollars in felony federal contracting fraud have been uncovered in SBA managed programs. It’s just miscoding, computer glitches, simple human error and anomalies. I know that’s true because I saw a guy from the SBA on TV that said so.

In fact, I actually hear it’s a myth that large corporations get federal contracts intended for small businesses. It must be true because I read that in an SBA press release. Those SBA press releases can be so educational.

What do you suppose the Director of CORPORATE Communications did at the Pentagon? I bet it had something to do with corporations. What kind of corporations does the Pentagon work with? Oh, I know, it must be those Fortune 500 Pentagon contractors that have been lobbying to close the SBA and end all federal programs that have been around to help small businesses for the last 30 years. You know, the Fortune 500 Pentagon contractors that dozens of federal investigations and mainstream media investigative reports uncoveredwere hijacking billions of dollars in federal small business contracts.

I’m sure Terry Sutherland/Commander Cover-Up’s sudden appearance at the teeny, tiny SBA Press Office had absolutely nothing to do with the federal lawsuits I have filed under the Freedom of Information Act for fraudulent small business contracting data from several of the Pentagon’s largest contractors. Yeah, I’m sure it’s just an anomaly.

I’m sure as Director of the SBA Press Office Terry Sutherland/Commander Cover-Up has the best interest of small business in mind. He certainly would not be involved in any funny business to cover up rampant fraud at some of the Pentagon’s largest contractors.

Obviously, anyone who would think that a man like Terry Sutherland/Commander Cover-Up could possibly be involved in trying to help the same Pentagon corporate giants he worked with for 20 years to cover up billions of dollars in contracting fraud against small businesses would have to be a total and complete conspiracy nut.

Terry Sutherland was a commander in the Navy after all. He’s an American hero. He would never be involved in any systematic scams by some of the nation’s largest defense contractors to cheat America’s 28 million small businesses out of the 23% of all federal contracts and subcontracts required by federal law.

For question about the SBA Press Office and their intentions to stop small business contracting fraud, here is Terry Sutherland’s contact info. I’m sure he will be happy to answer any of your questions.

(202) 205-6919 | terrence.sutherland@sba.gov

Lloyd Chapman

Lloyd Chapman