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Hello all! It’s the birthday of Malcolm X today! Here is a quote from him: “Usually, when people are sad, they don’t do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change.

International Politics


– In serious allegations, the U.S. Justice Department indicted five Chinese military officers with stealing data from both U.S. companies and unions as China called the indictment “ridiculous

– As Russia and the West continue their chess game in Ukraine, another place of importance to both the U.S. and Russia is Latin America.

– If the suggestion of incorporating Russia into NATO is brought up to elites, then it is rejected for threatening the leadership of the U.S. in NATO

Middle East

Part five of five with Ali Abunimah on how Israeli supremacy over the Palestinians should be ended immediately

– With Mousa Abu Marzouk return to be a leader in Hamas in Palestine, it shows Egypt wishes to be a player in Israel

– Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki had his Shiite-led party get first in the parliamentary elections


– Ajamu Baraka, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies, asserts the 2011 NATO-led invasion of Libya augmented the strength of Boko Haram and the tragedy in Nigeria of the kidnapped girls is considered a chance for the U.S. to increase its presence

– Juan Cole: “Second Libyan Upheaval, this Time Against Political Islam, Extremist Militias

– An air base east in Libya decided to join up with a renegade general, which further made Libya instable

– Officials in Kenyan stated militants from Somalia killed 12 people in an ambush as al-Shabab took responsibility for the attack

Asia and Oceania

– To protect the caretaker government, the army in Thailand announced marital law for temporary time to prevent more anti-government protests


– As the counts for the elections in Greece continue, one troubling report is Golden Dawn’s continued success in different regions

– The mining disaster in Turkey that allowed 298 workers to die has its origin in privatization efforts

– Vladimir Putin tells Russian soldiers to withdraw from the Ukrainian border and go back to their bases; NATO states that isn’t true

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– An activist in Chile burns $500 million in student debt papers to make a point on free higher education

– For Venezuela to move forward, it should learn from its recent history in conflicts with the right

– An accident left 31 children and one adult dead when fuel in a bus exploded in Colombia

Surveillance Planet

– It seems Edward Snowden’s efforts to get Americans serious about privacy is paying off (well it already has) as more Americans turn to encrypting their emails

– Emptywheel: “NSA Collects All Phone Calls from One of World’s Most Secretive Tax Havens, But Doesn’t Track That

– Lawyers and lobbyists for the NSA attempted to weaken the strength of a bill intended to reform the NSA

– When a weak federal shield law to protect journalist-sources cannot protect someone like Edward Snowden or even Chelsea Manning, what does it say about the law?

– The FBI stated more than half of a million computers throughout 100+ countries were infected by malware allowing cybercriminals to get personal information

Financial Matters

– Steve Wamhoff, legislative director of Citizens for Tax Justice, explains Pfizer’s move to the UK and how to combat tax evaders; Pfizer, meanwhile, will not purchase AstraZaneca

– Apple was sued after a Samsung user noticed her iPhone-user friends sent her messages she did not receive

– Journalist Matt Taibbi talks to Salon about the dysfunctional nature of the justice system and how it protects Wall Street

– The recently announced merger between AT&T and DirecTV has troubling implications

– Credit Suisse plead guilty to charges of assisting Americans evade taxes in the U.S. with a $2.5 billion fine; Yet, no one sent to prison. I mean what does a banker have to do to go to prison? Become a communist?

Labor’s a-Brewing

A brief, yet important article on Nepali workers in Qatar where their hopes of financial security are dashed by the terrible living standards

– New York University announced it will investigate claims labor standards were broken and workers were treated terribly when constructing its Abu Dhabi campus

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: Americans voters, when it comes to the economy, believe Republicans handle it better than Democrats do. However, voters believe Democrats handle income and wealth inequality better.

– Dick Cheney states, in reference to the Ukrainian crisis, President Obama is “weak” and can be “pushed around”; Plus, Cheney wants Hillary Clinton to be “held accountable” for what happened in Benghazi; Oh my, the commentary I could say in response is endless

– Gallup: 20 percent of Americans state the unemployment/jobs is the most important issue to tackle followed by government at 19 percent, followed by the economy at 17 percent.

– After McClutcheon, progressive Democrats may be in trouble as the incessant amount of money may go to Democrats who the establishment favor more

– A White House official said the CIA will no longer use vaccine programs to get intelligence

Anytown USA

– Cecily McMillan was sentenced not only for three months in prison (down from the seven years originally intended) but also to five years on probation; What an inane justice system

– Chris Hedges: “They Can’t Outlaw the Revolution

– Journalist Sarah Jaffe explains there were numerous lessons—from great successes to terrible lows—to take from Occupy and how we are witnessing its effects in the U.S.

– The Missouri governor refused to grant a stay of execution for an inmate whose lawyers argued he could suffer as a result of secret drugs for lethal injections

– William Worthy, an inspirational journalist, passed away at the age of 92. Jeremy Scahill talks to Democracy Now! about his history as a dissenter and a journalist during the Cold War

We Don’t Need No Education

– Pew: When it comes to satisfaction in life with their family life, jobs and more, public and private college graduates are equal

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– Imported pet treats from China were linked to deaths and illnesses in dogs, cats and humans as well. The USDA, which is in charge of inspecting the quality of this food, learns nothing from this.

– Minnesota becomes the first state in the nation to ban a questionable ingredient in antibacterial soap

The Second Sex

– Alumnae at different colleges that have not done anything about college rape say they will withhold their donations until the universities take action against rape

– Jessica Valenti: “Stop asking mothers when we’ll have more kids. It’s OK to have an only child

Planet Earth 

– Researchers state Greenland’s ice sheet may collapse at a rate higher than previously imagined, which means sea levels will rise to levels surpassing what was originally expected

– A new study found it would be cheaper and more effective to restore coral reefs than to build artificial dams

Mixed Bag

– Estimates made 32 years ago about the future of technology today by technological experts were mostly right

– “Retired Factory Worker Had No Idea Earnings From ’50s Would Have To Support 3 Generations Of Family

– In Manhattan, New York, a gift shop at a 9/11 memorial opened to controversy about the profits being made off the misfortune of others

Break Time

Don’t Stop Me Now

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan

Brandon Jordan is a freelance journalist in Queens, NY and written for publications such as The Nation, In These Times, Truthout and more.