A typical WIPP storage container. Pretty impressive for low level waste, eh?


Really rainy weekend, but nice today and supposedly the rest of the week. We were under a frost warning last night!

Fukushima Update:

Japan’s government is going after a comic that linked nosebleeds to radiation exposure. Seems there have been a lot of unexplained nosebleeds. People near incineration sites are also effected.

They’ve built a custom robot to probe reactor #2. Also, note the aside in the story about “loud bang” about 4 days after the accident and the subsequent filling of the turbine building with water.

Our ambassador visits Fukushima and releases a statement.  Oddly, the statement does NOT cause the radiation or leakage to be reduced. We should be done talking and well into acting by now.

In fact, the Ocean around Fuku has responded to the statement by achieving all time high radiation levels. TEPCO has no clue why. They could try reading the comic referred to above for a hint or two.

Now, this is scary. See that graph? That says that Cs effects hit hard and at very low cumulative doses. The JG doesn’t consider anything other than the external radiation exposure and that graph shows why. Cs does damage WAY out of proportion to it’s radiation if ingested.

Japanese papers are starting to print stories like this about losing the battle against hot water. I feel these stories are government stories intended to pave the way for dumping large amounts of less-hot water into the Pacific. There are real concerns about water storage and the cost to TEPCO to continue as they are. If they can’t dump the water, that alone might force TEPCO into bankruptcy.

They think they’ve identified the exploded container at WIPP. Every one of the containers that LLNL packed with the green kitty litter is a potential dirty bomb. ABQ Journal has these photos. This could close the site for three years. I hope they have moved all those containers to internal locations, but I could find nothing to confirm/deny that.

NASA has built a flying saucer! Actually, it’s a landing saucer and intended to test soft landing techniques for future missions.

An experiment to create matter from light. Theoretically possible, but nobody until now has come up with a way to test the theory.

Silly putty (remember that stuff?) makes better LiON batteries!

Lab on a chip detects cancer MUCH earlier than current techniques. The sooner we find it, the better chance of recovery. And given that cancers are likely to increase worldwide, we’re going to need more advances like this. 🙁

After the announcement last week that Antarctic  ice melting will add perhaps 3ft to sea levels by 2100, we now announce that Greenland melting will give us more.

But we’re not going to do anything because we have an election coming.

Boxturtle (Interesting how everybody just accepts that common sense stops during an American election)

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