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Dual Education: A Personal Journey

A Personal Journey for Revisiting the Now Shattered Pandora’s Box

By way of background and from many years ago, after my discharge from the military, I joined the Chicano Movement in Denver, Colorado, and by my participation in the establishment of Escuela Tlatelolco (Aztec origin),  a dual language school for teaching primary school students, and for learning English in the morning, and in the afternoon, learning Spanish.  And all done for the benefit of their children’s future and at the behest of these well-engaged parents! 

Subsequently and into this political storm, I encountered the FBI’s surveillance program, which eventually came to be known as COINTELPRO, and thusly, “my file.”  At the time, I had no inkling that future brain research would eventually demonstrate that “learning a dual language in the primary school years would lead to a greater accomplishment in math and science.”  Obviously, I was well ahead of the “educational” times.

AYet, in today’s times, here in metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona, educators as well as decision-makers have grasped this “unassailable fact” and are now on a career for addressing ‘smart’ education, which is being done in the following manner when it comes to Dual Education.

  1. Spanish—Biltmore Preparatory Academy—Creighton Elementary School District.
  2. Spanish—Clarendon Elementary School—Osborn.
  3. Mandarin—Coronado Elementary—Higley Unified.
  4. Mandarin—Desert Sage Elementary—Deer Valley Unified.
  5. Spanish—Desert Willow Elementary—Cave Creek Unified.
  6. Spanish—Encanto Elementary—Osborn.
  7. Mandarin—Gavilan Peak Elementary—Deer Valley Unified.
  8. Spanish—Gilbert Elementary—Gilbert Unified.
  9. Spanish—Herrera Elementary—Phoenix Elementary.
  10. Spanish—Keller Elementary—Mesa Public Schools.
  11. Spanish—Kyrene de los Lagos, Kyrene.
  12. Spanish—Kyrene de los Ninos—Kyrene.
  13. Spanish—Madison Heights—Madison.
  14. Spanish—Mohave Middle School—Scottsdale Unified.
  15. Spanish—Pueblo Elementary—Scottsdale Unified.
  16. Spanish—Sandpiper Elementary—Paradise Valley Unified.
  17. Spanish—Santa Fe Elementary—Peoria Unified.
  18. Spanish—Sonoran Trail Middle School, Cave Creek Unified.
  19. Mandarin—Tarwater Elementary—Chandler Unified.
  20. Spanish—Valley View Elementaqry—Roosevelt Elementary.
  21. Mandarin—Whispering Wind Academy—Paradise Valley Unified.

In closing, when the First Lady gave her Commencement Speech to the graduating high school seniors in Topeka, Kansas, earlier this week, Brown v Board of Education was effectively addressed where educational segregation, continues apace.  As such, this “segregation” can be effectively and “offensively” addressed via “dual education” schools, and unfortunately, the First Lady did not address this “offensive” Program.


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