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The Roundup for May 16th, 2014

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Howdy folks, how are you this Friday?

International Politics


– As the UN warns the Tatar population in Ukraine they faced discrimination after Crimea was annexed, Vladimir Putin claimed the minority had their future with Russia

– FIFA President Sepp Blatter: It was a mistake to give the 2022 World Cup to Qatar

– Russia announces it will stop exporting rocket engines to the U.S., which are vital

– An internal UN watchdog group found UN peacekeepers rarely ever used force

– In the geo-political power struggle between the West and Russia, Vladimir Putin appears to have “blinked

Middle East

– Rebels in Syria blew up an army base, which killed dozens and injured even more; Meanwhile, clashes erupted between pro-Assad groups and 13 were killed by mortar fire by rebels

– John Kerry states the U.S. and U.K., with Saudi Arabia leading the charge, will continue its support of rebels in Syria

– A new poll conducted in Tehran, Iran found 60 percent of civilians do not believe the media has a lot or any freedom

– In Iraq, seven people were killed in total as a result of attacks by al Qaeda-affiliated group

– While the mainstream narrative talks about Yemen, it still omits major information about what is happening in the country


– Gallup: Farm workers view their lives more negatively than non-farm workers or unemployed civilians do

– The U.S. media acts as a gatekeeper as seen through the missing girls in Nigeria story, which is helpful for them since it has a “good versus evil” narrative. Yet, with deaths reported in the Congo, they do not seek to cover the Congo since the villain there is the West.

– The UN states the crisis in South Sudan is one of the worst in history based on numerous factors

– In Benghazi, Libya, major fighting broke out between militia and a retired general, 19 are killed

– Two bombs exploded in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, killing 10 people and injuring 70. British tourist were evacuated afterward due to the threat.

Asia and Oceania

– Narendra Modi seems set to be the next Indian Prime Minister (and his Hindu nationalist party winning big), yet his new position may be very problematic for political reasons


– Juan Cole: “Mass Protests, Strikes in Turkey over Erdogan’s Neoliberal Response to Miner Deaths

– Moreover, police used riot gear, tear gas, rubber bullets and more against such protests in Turkey.

Latin America, Caribbean and Canada

– In Brazil, 12 cities had anti-World Cup protests with emphasis on the draconian methods used to push the World Cup

– The Columbian government and FARC rebels agreed, if a new and complete deal was reached, to eliminate all illicit drug production

– The drug war in Mexico shows how capitalism is leaving a trail of death and destruction

Surveillance Planet

– “Collect it all“: This is what the end goal of the NSA is and their methods are terrifying

Financial Matters

– The Department of Transportation fined General Motors $35 million for its ignition switch failures

– Some security experts warn enterprises in the U.S. are just complacent about the threat of cyber hacking

– A senior German official suggested, as a last resort, to break up Google if nothing is done to stop its dominant hold in the market

Labor’s a-Brewing

– What fast food workers need next is unionization to combat the attacks by the elites in fast food corporations

Politics US

Washington USA

– Gallup: 25 percent of Americans are satisfied with the direction of the U.S.; I wonder what the positives are for those 25 percent

– Groups say the vote yesterday by the FCC kills any idea of net neutrality on the internet; A debate on The Real News talks on whether the internet should be owned and regulated

– Despite legislation passed 11 years ago to prevent prison rape, little has been done to stop it

– Gallup: 44 percent of Americans favorably view the Democrats, while 34 percent favorably view the Republicans

– Robert Petzel, the Department of Veterans Affairs undersecretary, announced his resignation over the scandal on major delays and record falsification

– A new study found $445 million was spent on political ads talking about the Affordable Care Act

Anytown USA

– Hillary Clinton: The 1990s had a booming economy in contrast to Republican plans to cut taxes for wealthy and emergence of “shadow banking system”; You do know your husband repealed Glass-Steagall, which led to the shadow banking system in the first place, right?

– David Sirota: “Would Today’s Journalists Have Uncovered Watergate?

– CNN fired its news editor for plagiarizing in nearly 50 stories about international politics

– It is well-known stop and frisk occurs in New York, but in Chicago it is considered “hidden

– Cecily McMillan pens a letter from prison about everything that happened so far

Health, Hunger and Homelessness

– The mother of a homeless veteran who “baked to death” in Rikers Island decided to sue New York

The Second Sex

– As the media continues to cover the missing girls in Nigeria, here are four other stories of mass violence against women that have not been covered

– It was right for Jill Abramson to bring in a lawyer over her pay dispute, plus she helped women at The New York Times

– The legal system in the U.S. does not serve justice for victims of domestic violence as evident through the Marissa Alexander case

– The U.S. military, over the past year, fired nearly 500 members for sexual assault

Planet Earth 

– Both the military and insurance companies are extremely worried about climate change and think it will produce significant consequences

– Last Sunday, in Germany, 75 percent of electricity came from renewable energy source

Mixed Bag

– In France, a village of 51 people had its mayor accused of a falsifying votes.

– At the Cannes Film Festival, one group wants to promote the idea of creating a film about the missing MH370 plane. Such a disgusting idea to profit off the misfortune of others.

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