9/11/2001…Get OVER It, Already! Now, It’s Just Bad Propaganda.

The 9/11 Museum is now complete and open to the public. The 9/11 Memorial stands proud and much ballyhooed. Whoop. Dee. (Old English verb deleted) Doo!

Freedom Tower with memorial at the base

The 9/11 Museum is open at the base of the Freedom Tower.

I’m sick to death of 9/11.  I remember it. I saw the second plane hit the second World Trade Center tower on September 11,  2001 on live TV as it happened.  I heard the stunned announcer say, “…and another small plane has crashed into the other tower,” and thought, “That wasn’t a small plane. That was an airliner,” while brushing my teeth while getting ready to go to work in Denver.

Yes, it was a Bad Thing. A group of religious fanatics hijacked planes and deliberately crashed them into tall buildings in New York City, and another group hijacked another plane which was probably crashed when its passengers stormed the cockpit because they knew that they were going to die, anyway, so why not fight? I honor those passengers. Some 3000 people died that day.

Still, the events of 9/11/01 have been used in a most reprehensible manner by those in power in my country as an excuse to do horrendous things. I can certainly understand a punitive strike on Afghanistan, whose government allowed the conspiratorious fanatics to operate with impunity. But that’s it.

The subsequent and ongoing occupation of said country is way over the top. The conquest of Iraq, on the pretense that the Iraqi government of the time was somehow in league with one of its most inimical enemies, was a travesty. And, ever since, not one but two presidential administrations have used the events of 9/11/01 as an excuse to aggressively curtail the civil liberties of the American people, to justify military interventions in numerous countries around the world, and to do whatever it takes to advance the interests of Corporate America wherever and whenever possible.

And now we have a shiny new museum complete with the keychains and shoes of the dead, just like the Holocaust Museum. The only problem is that the Holocaust killed a LOT more people over a LOT more years. The Holocaust deserves a museum. 9/11? Not so much.

Maybe a memorial. But a big honkin’ museum? Let’s get real, here.

More Americans died on December 7, 1941, than died on September 11, 2001. They have the Arizona Memorial. I know. I’ve been there. It’s impressive and haunting. You stand there, and look down through the clear water into the wreck of the USS Arizona. It’s powerful as all hell. When I was there, I was surrounded by tearful Japanese tourists.

That was just as powerful too, in its own way.

Do you think for one minute that 50 years from now you’ll see tearful Saudi tourists at the 9/11 Museum? Didn’t think so.

On September 11, 2001, a horrible crime was committed. A crime of vengeance. Which begat not only more vengeance, but crimes committed by our leaders against US,  We The People of the United States of America, and which continue to be committed in our name but without our consent and certainly not in our interests nor for our well-being.

And the same people, who wrap themselves in the Stars and Stripes and tell us that what they are doing to us is for our own good, are laughing all the way to the bank out our expense. George Bush II, Barack Obama, all the Talking Heads, keep doing it and doing it, over and over. Using the horror of those few hours, of that day, to advance their own interests at the expense of our own.

We really should put a stop to this nonsense. We can honor those who died that day without celebrating those who exploit us in the name of its memory. I think the victims themselves would prefer that over wars waged and civil rights violated in their name. It’s way past time to treat 9/11/01 as the date of the of colossally murderous crime committed by petty and narrow minds that it was, not as the reason for endless war and oppression that it has become. It does not deserve the attention that it has received.

It’s. Not. Worthy.

9/11/01 pales in comparison to other dates beyond counting. We, the American people, need to acknowledge that fact, and get over ourselves. We are no more important than anyone else.

Damn. Thanks, Thor, that felt good.

And have a nice night.

Public domain photo by James Tourtellotte / US Customs and Border Protection.

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